you know you're a M.O.M. when...

...preparing for the worst takes all your worries away.
I was talking to a dear friend (Aleisha from She Calls Me "Mama Leisha") the other day and she was explaining to me how worried she was about "birthing a person" for the third time (she's a pro, right?). I told her she had it under control and not to worry. We all know that doesn't help. So I told her what I do when I'm worried.

When I'm worried it's usually because I've imagined the most terrible thing happening, one of my loved ones dead or extremely injured. This worry doesn't come out of no where, I have very spirited children who put themselves in dangerous situations all the time, just because they are not paying attention or they do not understand what danger is. Recently The Rock (5yr old with autism) realized he's able to reach the branch on the only tree in the backyard. This realization now makes it possible for him to be over the fence in 1min flat. The first time he did this I had my eyes off him for 5 minutes and he was found laying in the middle of the street (the one that people drive WAY too fast down the hill). Now we're back to house arrest. Haha

I understand worry but it turns into anxiety and that leads to a whole spectrum of debilitating scenarios, I don't enjoy. I've come up with my way to cope with this. I determine if I can change my situation, if I can I do. Obviously sometimes you can't, like my sweet pregnant friend, something you just have to go through have faith and LET IT PASS. In times of not being able to change the situation I imagine every possible scenario imaginable, I come up with a solution or decide what I would do if it happened and then???? I have to LET IT PASS. I've then prepared my mind as best I can for the worst and I have to have faith, turn it over to the angels watching and let whatever is suppose to happen occur.

I totally agree with the idea to stay positive, look on the bright side, pray for the best outcome. But "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." This is how I make this scripture real for me and the ability to feel PEACE in these worrisome times. What do you do?

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  1. LOVE THIS! And thought of our conversation OFTEN over the last week! LOVE YOU!!