what do you do?

I have very spirited children and if you haven't noticed children get bigger and mouthier. It doesn't matter how big they get the fear of what will happen when you're not there can be immobilizing. I am ALWAYS in a state of anxiety, especially with the Rock having autism and no fear with above average gross motor skills. So being in Australia SO far away was very difficult and I did a pretty good job not letting in consume me, (thanks to the help of my babysitting team), UNTIL you get that dreaded text......

The Rock was in the backyard playing when I (babysitter) noticed he was playing with a mouse in his hand. He was running around with it and flipping it (like autistic kids do). I realized it was dead, when he had blood on his shirt. I finally got it out of his hands and washed him up, threw the shirt away, anything else I should do?

Oh My Heck! My initial reaction was he's going to die (because my husband added to the story that my son put the mouse in his mouth). I then calmed down and handled the situation and all is well. We will always have the crazy mouse story to tell the Rock for the rest of his life.

What crazy autism and/or children stories do you have?

you know you're a M.O.M when.....

.....you decide a trampoline (aka death trap) is the ONLY way you will PEACE this summer.  I have said NO to a tramp for 14 years now and have finally been broken down by the Rock. He canNOT seem to find enough sensory input so here it is a tramp in our backyard for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks to Spunky and her friends that were up for the challenge of figuring out the trampoline building puzzle. It was actually really fun working together and having an awesome time when it was done. 

How will you find peace this summer?

a little R&R in the beautiful downunder!

HeMan and I were so fortunate to travel to Australia! Yes, it was for work, but that's just how you justify a trip that far. It was a total dream come true! I always wanted to go but didn't actually make a goal for it to happen thinking that will be later in life. Nope, it happend now and I'm so glad it did.

We met the MOST fabulous people. I was totally spoiled and taken on a private tour down the coast to Jervis Bay. We took an Extreme Cruise out on the water to see the dolphins, kangaroos and crystal white sand beaches. All of my favorite things, Thank you to Helen Harris for this wonderful journey. 

I love doing business on the other side of the world. We met such incredible people, that will bless our lives forever. What an honor to be a part of something so great. HeMan really is a visionary and it's fun to see him work his magic. 
Along with business we saw the Sydney Opera House (from our hotel room), the Harbor Bridge, the Royal Gardens and Bondi Beach. It all seems like a dream, glad I have digital proof I was there.

you know your a M.O.M. when......

.....no sleep feels like a college hangover! Oh My Goodness a few weeks of little sleep and it's taken me almost an entire week to recover. My friend told me that successful people need less sleep, well I guess I'm not successful yet because that kick my trash and then some.

How much sleep do you need as a Manager Of Mayhem? Or get? Does it feel like a hangover?

Breathing Space Blogger Retreat

 I had the priviledge of working on Breathing Space Blogger Retreat, an amazing event for the past few months, thank you Aly Brooks for hiring me and to Dani Lassiter and Heidi Loewen for suggesting that I was the woman for the job. I am super duper proud of how things worked out. Courtney Carlson is due all the praise in the world for the incredible decor at every turn at this retreat. WOW!!! Is all you can say as you walked into every swanky dinner. Courtney is a visionary and I adore her. 

One of our sweet guests asked who the eye candy was serving our "Perfectini's" and the answer is our MEN! Sorry ladies they are taken for eternity! We are so grateful for such wonderfully supportive husbands. We love you dearly!
 Me and my Mister is our "perfect" outfits for the "perfect Stepford Wives dinner. So glad I could share this night with him. 
Brittany Egbert and I partying at the Cinco De Mayo festival. It was so great to meet so many wonderful women and sponsors. This is one of the highlights of the event. 
The other two highlights were special moments.....
1)singing happy birthday to the sweet boy who all he wanted was for someone to sing to him was precious. His mom and I crying over his new diagnosis of Aspberger's. 
2) Meeting Megan Falkner Brown, aka Sweet Tooth Fairy, was a moment I've waited for a long time since two and a half years ago the Rock said "more" for the first time because he wanted more of her cakebites at the shop. It was so wonderful to be able to thank her in person for "Baking a Difference" in our lives.
To see more photos from the fun event go here.

Breathing Space?

In two days another My Peeps and I will be throwing a major party here in the amazing Daybreak, UT. I am so excited to meet so many incredible woman who share their stories, triumphs, projects and trials on their blog. This has been such a fun event to put together and all though my family will enjoy the Breathing Space when it's all over, I am enjoying the ride.

Event weeks are always crazy busy and today I just took it all in and laughed as the day went on, because really Laughter is the best medicine. A lesson I hope to one day Master!
Laughter = Peace 
on SO many levels, that if we could use it more as a way to communicate the world would be a happier place. Have you mastered the art of letting the things you can't control become humorous? How?

see ya later, cause I can't say goodbye

My Sis and her Famdamily are moving to one of my favorite places, Florida. As much as I am excited for their new adventure, it is SO hard to say goodbye. So again I find myself in denial and refusing to say goodbye, just See Ya Later!

We had their family over and our cute 5yr old boys talked about how they would cry because it's the last time they'll be at our house for a long time. Here's a pic of the boys, it's as if it's too hard to smile http://t.co/pZqnktYE.

Heman and Batman http://t.co/pZqnktYE, you know tearing up's not the manly thing to do, so they ham it up and get cuddly.

Sistas http://t.co/qyl9QC3k

You know you're a M.O.M. when.......

....the most Peaceful time of day is 12am. I just had a friend email me at 12 (which was a 11/2 hours ago), I mentioned I was glad someone was up with me and she said it's hard to pass up getting things done with all the PEACE.

I had to laugh because it's SO true, how do you pass up these early morning hours. I'm not sure my brain is at full capacity but that's ok, right?

When's your peaceful hours of the day as a Manager Of Mayhem (all encompassing M.O.M)?