Time = Peace

As Spunky and Punky turn the ripe old age of 10 and 12 I can't help but look back at time and realize how fast it goes by. When I was in the trenches of them being little I thought the day would never come when I would have a moment of Peace.

Now they are growing up so fast I cry every time I think about it....so I don't! I have decided to live in denial and believe that they will Never grow up past 12. After 12 it all goes crazy, right?  
Punky told me last night that she was going to be a good teenager and make me proud. (after she heard on the news that teenagers were drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk, luckily she thought that was stupid!)
My girls are amazing young woman with incredible talents. Spunky can belt out a song at the top of her lungs at any given moment and fall in love with 10 ten boys in a day. Punky and can climb the tallest tree (just like Katniss) and has the loving heart of an angel. Time as given me the Peace to treasure these two gifts from above.

Party Time

I am a SaHM who loves to throw a party at any given time for any given reason just to keep things relaxed and busy all at the same time. We have six in our household. We are all very spirited! Our youngest was diagnosed with Autism 21/2 yrs ago, I write about finding peace with all the different pieces our lives including the "A" word, autism. A year ago I found myself longing to find peace all the time. I could never quite get enough peace before the next mountain in life stood in my way and I needed the strength to climb. I can look at life realistically (my reality of course) and see what needs to change, even if it's me. So a year ago I decided that I would start holding on to the small (very teeny tiny) pieces of peace I was given and then eventually it might be enough to give me the strength to keep climbing and the strength to stop when I need to. So I decided I would write about itnto keep it all together. I've joined the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 to meet new friends, find new blogs, tweet and post about all the good stuff out there.

seeking help

Just this last week I have received two phone calls with loved ones of children with autism seeking help. My heart hurts for them as they are struggling with what to do and where to go. I know this feeling all to well. Right after my son was diagnosed with autism and my two daughters diagnosed with learning disabilities I felt lost and like I was drowning in a sea of information I couldn't figure out what was the best thing for all of my babies. There is no one way for every child, they are all different and what works for one does NOT always work for the other. I had to learn to follow my mother's intuition more than ever before and believe that I was the only person that knew what was best for them, no matter what anyone else told me.
Motherhood for me comes with a lot of guilt and wondering that I screwed them up. I have to remember all the time that I am doing the best I can and one day hopefully it will be enough. I love this quote.....
"If you're a good mom 60% of the time YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!" I figure feeding, bathing, clothing, playing takes up more than 60% of the day so...........I AM A GOOD MOM and so ARE YOU!
Because I've had these phone calls I've decided to add a few of the sites and places that have made my life with autism a little easier. Look to the right.

Autism Anthem by Dave Eaton

This song is right on point of the every day life the Rock experiences and us along with him. I love my family and would NOT change any one of them for anything in the world.

World Autism Awareness Day

Let your blue lights shine at your home and work! Home Depot is wonderful and is now selling the official Autism Speaks blue lights. Thank you Home Depot!

Stats are IN!

BUT....In Utah the stats are 1out of 48! This is crazy, and over the last week I've had several people ask me why I thought Utah is out of control. I'm not going to guess why, I don't know, but the stats don't lie. We NEED these people of all ages with Autism to receive the therapy and services they REQUIRE to live a full and wonderful life. The cost is average at $40k a year per person for the help they need. Who has this much money lying around to be spent on therapies, school, doctors visits, etc.?