Resilience of a Child

The Rock had a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal yesterday. I'll post more later because the Dr. was interesting. They tell you that they shouldn't move much so they would bleed too much. They said the pain meds would make him tired and drowsy. They weren't sure he would drink or eat. Well he proved all wrong! He recovered from surgery well and didn't seem in too much pain. Got pain meds in him and he started eating and drinking immediately. As soon as the meds kicked in he was climbing on the counters, couch, slide and swinging. Uh, was he suppose to be relaxing? This all happened within 2 hours after surgery. Wow! kids are so resilient.

Where are we?

We finally got a clue and went to the Farmers Market. We've been to many since living in Cali and were usually disappointed so we gave up. This one was awesome! I seriously questioned where I was, it did't even feel like typical Utah and just what I needed. I got our Brazilian food, Mint Limeade, Granola, Honey, lunch and we were set. So glad Tish could join us for the fun. It didn't even matter that Taz was driving me crazy, It was still so peaceful.
After the market we went and ran through the fountains because we HAVE to every year at least once! Fun for everyone.........pretty much (Heman took coaxing).

First Day of School

Punky is in 6th grade!!!! I canNOT believe it!! Seriously this is really tough for me. It has brought on a lot of new aspects of life having her become a young women and again I find myself holding on for dear life, it passing by so fast.
Spunky is in 4th grade. She is super excited for this year. She's got some good friends and loves growing up as fast as she can, I wish she'd slow down. I've been saying that her whole life!
Taz starts Kindergarten! He asked me everyday for two weeks if he was going to school today, tomorrow, when. He was just a little excited. We were excited for him too. He is happy and loving it all.

Pieces of Peace

I came up with my blog name, life motto, personal mission statement, Peace from Pieces, about a year or so ago when I was so overwhelmed with all the different Pieces of my life. I realized I needed to find Peace within these different pieces, hence Peace from Pieces. Even though I can look at life through different lenses, per say, and have a positive attitude, I still haven't felt long periods of Peace, something I so desperately long for. Once I am finally able to come up for breath the next mountain to climb comes almost instantly. UGH! I recently was inspired with the thought that I needed to hold on to the small Pieces of Peace I felt and
combine these together to create longer
lasting Peace and overshadow the
mountains I'm climbing. The quote above came at such a perfect time. I have made Peace with myself and now feel like I can take on the world. I don't know where Taz got this Peace sign idea, but I loved it. It's not like I walk around all the time talking about Peace and flashing "the" sign to everyone, I guess it goes to show sometimes we communicate in more ways than words.