The Rock has gained a few more tricks and it is so exciting. He has started to understand the value of pointing and actually doing it. We started with two see through cups with dots on them, we would put one preferred thing in one cup and a non-preferred in another cup. We asked him to point to what he wanted. The first two days we helped him point, by holding his hand, but after a couple days he started to pointing on his own and a couple days after that he started pointing to things on his own. Pointing is so exciting because he has learned that he can communicate what he wants. A month ago he didn't have any wants. Now he brings me what he wants or points to it. He even is doing two steps by pointing to something up high and then pulling on me to and saying "u"(up) and then pointing to what he wants. As I write this seems so simple, it is, but it is such a big deal. My son ASKS for things, yeah! My son asks ME for things, yeah! My son WANTS something, yeah! The simple things you never knew were fundamentals are such BIG deals in the Rock's life. I love that the little things are big accomplishments. It makes life full of miracles everyday, that we took for granted before. It also makes life feel like we are climbing mountains everyday instead of bumps, but life comes in all sorts of trails. It's the attitude we face them with that makes the difference. Sometimes the attitude is the mountain I climb, thanks to miracles everyday, PEACE can find me if I let it.

Like Father, Like Son

I can't believe is how identical these two are. I know some of you may argue otherwise, but this is what I see on a daily basis. I get the blue/brown eye thing, but the face, the lips, the intense eyes, I love it! This pic of the Rock is my fave and Heman with his Magnum face makes me melt and laugh at the same time. I love my family and feel that we are all blessed to have one another.

tactstile defensive

The Rock has issues with sensory things. He has a difficult time touching most foods (fruit, veggies, noodles, pudding, yogurt, meat, basically everything that isn't crunchy, sometimes he surprises me) and even wants to run away when you are eating these things around him. He has even been known to gag at watching you eat something. Food is not the end of this issue he doesn't like to touch anything slimy or gooey (play dough, paint, grass, the list goes on and on) This was a huge eye opener to us. Can you imagine gaging or wanting to throw up because someone is eating yogurt or noodles or watermelon? What do you do? We have started over taking these things slower. We give him choices with food but don't force him to eat anything or even put it on his plate. We do art projects and push through it with him and stop if he gags or gets mad. We have sensory boxes with rice, beans and cotton balls in them. We take time to play in the boxes and put his feet and hands in them. The picture above is after he had eaten a sucker that got all over his mouth and then we played with the cotton balls. He put the cotton balls up to his face and they stuck. For a minute before I got the camera he had a very cute Santa beard. Last Sunday Aunt Sadie made amazing cupcakes and the Rock wanted one, GREAT! He ate all of it with frosting and crumbs all over, after he was done he rubbed his hands together, WOW! This is wonderful because he was able to accept the feeling and then to rub his hands together and accentuate the feeling is awesome. The more and more sensory input he allows himself to accept the better he gets and is able to work and learn more in different situations. Below is a video of him eating Ice cream. Utensils are too much for him but some how he has learned that Ice cream and Popsicles are yummy and slimy. Pop Pop is a new word. He will even open the freezer (HUGE accomplishment) and get a popsicle out.

catching up

Punky is growing so fast! If you've talked to her lately you have learned that she is wanting to babysit your child. She is excited about getting more responsibilities and is wanting to test it out.......on your child. Punky and Spunky have started taking art classes from their Aunt Jessi and are loving it. It's so great having Aunt Jessi close to us now. Both of the girls are very talented artists and I love watching their talents multiply! Spunky has had her two front teeth knocked out by her brother and sister, what a trooper! She is a super tough girl and has proved it on the soccer field every Saturday for the last month. She loves to compete and chase after the ball. She's always in the middle of it. It's been so fun to cheer her on, you are welcome to join us any Saturday this next month. She is hearing more and more that she looks just like her Mom, she is so sweet and says "I know, Thanks." Taz is on to making a whirlwind at preschool. He was so excited to start school. On school days he says he doesn't want to go, but the next day (not a school day) he says he has to go. I'm glad he is liking it. School for the kids has always come with great stress and anxiety for me. Having Taz in a great school early is bringing me peace. This little boys nickname is right on the mark. He is a whirlwind of all boy and joy! Finding peace in motherhood is a daily chore for me and some days I don't succeed. I love my kiddos and don't want to do anything else, I just feel like Katniss sometimes. I can see how I am the reason things are so messed up, hard for my kids and how I have ruined my kids for life (please do not comment on this part, I know what the real answer). SO sometimes I need some time to catch up on sleep and energy. Luckily I have AWESOME friends that help me. I was able to go to VEGAS with a friend and catch up! It was a ton of fun as things always are with my buddies. Eating,Laughing,Crying,Sleeping,Singing,Swimming, and other crazy things are a so needed. This is how I keep some sort of PEACE in my life. Thanks to all my friends that keep me sane, you are angels in my life. My husband of course is the reason I am able to catch up and stay sane (occasionally the cause of my insanity), Thank you LOVE!!