you have reached the definition of an experienced M.O.M. (manager of mayhem) when: (disclaimer I believe anyone can reach this high status when given the time and love) 1. you might be a mom if you wipe a snotty nose with your own fingers and wipe it on your clothes. 2. you might be a mom if when picking out your clothes you think "Oh these pants aren't too dirty!" (stains on both knees, and the zipper is broken, and one button is missing) 3. you might be a mom if after you have started making Mac'n Cheese for lunch you realize that you are out of milk, but wait you have a little breast milk left over from your last feeding so you add it to the lunch mix. 4. you might be a mom if you lick your child's face instead of using a towel of some sort. 5. you might be a mom if you hear a thud, thud, thud, and then a few seconds of silence followed my loud screaming and you finish putting the dishes away and wait for the child to walk into the room and tell them they are okay. after all they just fell off the back of the couch which you told them not to do a thousand times. 6. you might be a mom if you cry or get emotional when a dirty, homeless looking, snot nose crusted, child gives you a hug and says "I love you" 7. you might be a mom if you are addicted to diet coke and chocolate. 8. you might be a mom if you act like a total lunatic just to get a child to laugh instead of cry (which they have been doing for the last 4hrs) 9. you might be a mom if you love to watch and lay with a child when they are sleeping (after all that's when they are most angelic) 10. you might be a mom if coloring of the walls of your home is a mural and not a catastrophe. 11. you might be a mom if you puncture through your index finger with an exacto knife while doing a home beautification project. 12. you might be a mom if a dip in the pool with the kids is considered your shower for the day. 13. you might be a mom if when you show up at your child's play date wearing two different shoes. 14. you might be a mom if singing in the grocery store becomes a necessity instead of a dare to do something crazy. 15. you are definitely a mom if your child is the most perfect, beautiful, amazing, angel on earth. this is all because they are just like YOU! these are just of a few fun moments in my life and others (i'm not telling which are mine). if you have one to add please do. maybe we can publish this someday, as inspiration for others to achieve this great honor. (i am not kidding i feel that it is an honor to raise my 4 beautiful children)

Any One? Any One?

is any one else totally sick of hearing how awful living here in utah is on the radio. i was listening today after already deciding to give up one radio station and now i have to give up another because i just keep hearing how awful mormons are and how mean and judgmental everyone (mormons) is in utah. i love living here. utah is so incredible and i love the people. no matter where you live there are people you have to learn to love. i believe it's all about your attitude and which way you choose to look at it. this thinking led me to think about how as a mormon i let others do all the talking instead of standing tall and being the leader that i should be as a mormon. this is my charge to all reading LET'S DO SOMETHING!!! write an e-mail, make a phone call, find out about who's running for office, vote for who you believe in, STAND TALL. any one? any one? if you want to take this charge let me know.