DISNEY SUITE IS FULL!!! we have had so much fun with the other dickinson clan. taz immediately started calling ben"dad". the others start playing like they were never apart. we have been going non-stop and loving every min.(well i have!) we really do love having a full house and the joys that come with it. we will miss everyone and enjoy the moments we get with each of you. taz got to see a hippo for the first time and you can tell how much he loved it. the magic was alive as we celebrated family time! many little monkeys standing in the grass teasing Mr. Aligator can't catch me!!! (Uncle's are totally crazy)
Adventures in Sisterhood

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.....

you would
cry too....
if you didn't Like sugar

happy birthday

i can not believe it! the big 1 year old! the rock is such an awesome kid. he smiles all the time, tries to run with his head pushed forward (absolutely hysterical), gives hugs and kisses, babbles a lot, mimics any and every sound, loves cars (makes the sound), balls, and climbing. he is such a joy to have in our home. we are so blessed to have every one of our special miracles. thanks mish for the picture