So every day I am faced with the reality of progress in slow motion with the Rock, but progress nonetheless. I try hard to stay focused on the good things that are happening. I am constantly running here and there and catching up on all the normal MOM stuff along with side jobs here and there. Therefore I stay in my own reality a lot of the time, especially when it comes to the Rock. Last Friday my reality was knocked over. It was the first time I had my niece over for the whole day without any other kiddos, except the Rock. I knew this was going to be very good for him to have someone his own age to play around and watch. Usually all the big kids are around and so she runs off with them, well this day was different. They played side by side and didn't bother each other too much. I think for the Rock and my niece it was a great day for them. For me....the hardest day I've had in awhile. I had to keep myself from crying all day, because I felt that all day I had someone screaming at me "YOUR SON IS AUTISTIC! YOUR SON IS AUTISTIC! See the difference between these two?" Reality breached! OK I get it, I know and it's OK! It's just that sometimes we are faced with reality checks. Tough ones at times. We are looking forward to this Friday when my niece comes over again. What will she teach us next and how can we learn from her? Having her is a blessing in our lives and sometimes blessings hurtsdon'tit?


Every day there is something wonderful that happens at our house, especially when you are counting up how many times you get eye contact. I can't believe that nine months ago my son couldn't do all the things he can do now...... *eye contact *plays with us *talk- words come and go and what we had a year ago we don't have today, but what we do have is good and we've had it for awhile....go, more, candy, cookies (food), drink, shoes, ball, most of these are sounds and signs for words, but I'm so glad he is understandin a need to talk to us. *comes to me for comfort *less stimiling more regulating *wants to be with us *understands "Let's go!" (this happend last week and Spunky pointed out to Nana "Did you see that, that was a miracle, he just listened and followed my mom!" She was so elated with joy for her brother. The simple things!! *holds my hand when walking (most of the time) I hope that after reading these things you can add them to your list of simple blessings everyday. I didn't count these as blessings with the others, I took these simple things for granted. I don't ANY more! I thank my Heavenly Father every day that the Rock has never forgotten or lost the ability to kiss me when asked. This is a total miracle and I am so grateful. The kisses I get from my little boy are the highlights to my life. I hope you get kisses every day! Love Me XXXX

Seriously !!! BLESSED

Today the Rock just started laughing. I have no idea why he was giggling so much. It didn't happen just once either. This kind of giggling is not an every day thing, even though he is usually happy. This laughter is pure JOY and you can't help but giggle with him or in my case cry for JOY. Even in our times of trials, I CAN count my blessings! I think we all could take a good 10min. and talk about our trials. We can also take a good 15min. or more and count our blessings, joys and the things that make us laugh. I have to share a few of my incredible blessings over the last little while. I am over come with the amount of support we have received from all of you who want to come walk/run with us in a few weeks. We can't wait to be with all of you in one place. We need and want you all to be there. Thank you for your efforts. The last two years have been a doozy and when you have loved ones rally for you and your baby in a time of need, my gratitude is endless. Two weeks ago I needed help to raise money for treatment. We were in a time crunch and I needed all my resources. My Dad of course was the first one in line. The event was Saturday morning and come Friday night 9pm my dad calls and says "I just flew in, my wrists don't work and my knees are shot, are we a go tomorrow? I'm there!!" I hated the fact that I needed him any way he was willing. I can't put into words what that kind of love like that feels like to receive. The next day was a hard one for my dad, but as always he endured it well. All for me and my son. My mother who always gives has put together a work lunch at the airport to raise $$$ to donate for the charity Daybreak 5k. I appreciate my mom always going the extra mile and exhausting all resources to make miracles happen. Thank you Jen and Russ for donating to this lunch and make it more profitable. Thank you Continental for making it happen. Our amazing family and friends made it possible for us to move and get settled in one day. Moving again weighed so heavy on everyone in our family. Yet with the help and love from all of you it was smooth sailing. We are blessed to have each and every one of YOU!!! It has been wonderful to be welcomed by sweet treats, little ones knocking on the door and visits. It's the little things in life that give the most, a hug, bread, cookies, a knock on the door, a phone call, an invitation all have made us feel at home. I could keep going on and on and not to show anyone up, I needed to share my gratitude for me and my family. I hope that you are counting your blessings. My 15min. are up. We love you and hope you know how special you are to our family.