Finding PEACE......

I'm so grateful a friend called in June and asked me to go on a girls trip to Mexico with her. It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. Little did I know that by the time October got here I would need to go more than ever. Heman was gone most of September, the big kids were off track and I was trying to be with my parents at the hospital as much as possible. I wish I could have taken everyone I know with me (except for kids) because everyone deserves the PEACE of the bright sun, the sound of the ocean waves breaking and all you can eat and drink being served to you all day.
I thought I was going to come home to a husband that was worshiping the ground I walk on after realizing all I do........nope. :) It seemed as if it was no big deal and it was a piece of cake, when I said this to him he laughed and said "Yep, super easy!"(with sarcasm) I think everyone was happy I was home. I was rested and ready to be home.
A friend asked if the Rock missed me, I said I wasn't sure. As I took him off the bus that day and he hugged me tight, she said "Oh he did, he didn't hug any one else like that when they picked him up." That made my day. I don't let myself wonder if the Rock knows I'm his mom and all that that implies or if he loves me, because he can't tell me or call me mom. But acknowledgments like that from my friend help me see how much I mean to him.
When I told Heman about this, he said "I didn't want to make you cry so I didn't tell you that everyday when we got home the Rock would go look all over the house and I'm pretty sure he was looking for you." Who knows, but I like it!

Bubble Monster

This was so funny when he did this. I love the quirky little things this kiddo comes up with. His laugh gives me a Piece of PEACE every time I hear it. I hope you receive a piece too.

Painting & Peaches with Patricia

Our dear friend Patricia took us all up to Peach Days. We went to do the carnival thing and buy peaches, but none of that was available at the actual Peach Days party. Face Painting was available and this lady was amazing. The kids loved their paintings. We then went all the town buying peaches, ordering peach shakes and peach pie. Needless to say we were all sick at the end of the day, but thats what happens when you are having fun!;)

mommy and taz time

Now that everyone is in school all day except for the kindergartner the two of us get to enjoy a little bit of time together. Our first day we went and played at one of Taz's faves, Chuck e Cheese. We had a great time earning tickets and playing games.

Its SO rare...... get eye contact (although its getting better) let alone a picture of those gorgeous blue eyes. All I can think of when I see them is who wouldn't want to stare into them all day. I wish I was able to see them more often, for each time I see them I am give a Piece of PEACE.
The Rock has been in a private school for children with autism for the past month and a half. I went and visited at school and I was blown away with excitement with all he was doing. Right now they are working on attending (meaning sitting still with feet on the ground, hands to themselves, eyes on the teacher), every day Hagen is passing of another level (these tasks are broken down into small steps). Also he is learning to say "yes" and "no" for things he wants. He is doing well in the structured environment and is following directions and remembering routines (putting his box away, putting on his own backpack, holding friends hands as they walk down the hall). When I came into the classroom the Rock took my hand and showed me his favorite places, the story corner and the drinking fountain. It was so neat to see him show me what he loves about class. He was excited about having me in class and that made me feel so good. At home the Rock is continuing to enjoy our company. I was/am worried about him loosing his desire to be apart of the family because he is away from us so much more now. So far we are doing ok, a daily goal for each of us to play and talk with the Rock.
More and more children the Rocks age are starting to notice he doesn't communicate like they do. They talk to him and get upset when he won't talk back or when he just does something and they were trying to talk to him. It's just interesting to me at what age other children really start noticing their peers. The Rock is starting to notice peers and will occasionally play/follow them, communicating is coming VERY slowly, BUT it's coming......I pray.