This is the Rock's new found motivation, Ms. Gamee. We started working with Gamee to teach the Rock how to walk and stay with me, instead of running away ALL the time. After just one lesson (which I wasn't sure was successful) the Rock knew what to do with Gamee. Kate Andersen, Gamee's mom and founder of Autism Journeys, was walking ahead of the Rock with Gamee and the Rock started reaching and whimpering for Gamee. This action is outstanding for the Rock. He has just recently started to ask seldom for food or drink, so for him to ask for Gamee after just one time I was shocked. I am optimistic that Ms. Gamee can pull more out of my angel and can't wait to be there to witness the next miracle and milestone! To find out more about Ms. Gamee, canine therapist, or Autism Journeys checkout their website or the blog We love this place and people who bless our lives every day.


For all of you out there who have seen me or will see me at the pool, NO the Rock IS NOT DROWNING!!! I AM watching him and he is having the time of his life. I promise to post a video with him swimming because it's incredible. I know it may look scary but it's not. It is difficult for him to have me so close all the time so I give him some space here and there. I also make him work by getting him to talk to me by asking for "more" when I throw him in the pool or have him count "1,2,3" and jump in off the side. The fact that I can get him to talk to me in the pool with so much going on is huge. Sometimes I can get him to LOOK and talk to me but not always so this is what I'm trying hard to work on. BUT he can't work all the time so I MUST give him a break and back off for a minute. The Rock is SO incredibly happy in the pool it's amazing. He is almost 21/2 and with a life jacket can so freestyle and breaststroke, which of course is all self taught because it's not like he would follow any instruction even if I tried. He can hold his breath longer than Taz and knows that when he needs a breath or a rest to roll onto his back and float. It's amazing his instincts to do this. Punky was the same way at the same age only difference is that although she had many instinctual qualities she still also learned by following our directions. So if you happen to see us in the pool you are witness to something amazing and wonderful. I consider myself lucky to be apart of it and hope that you do to. ***I do realize accidents happen everyday and know one is exempt from them. I appreciate your concern on our behalf and thank you for watching out for my little ones.

autism & trips

Every time I leave the house and go somewhere out of the norm I am always shocked by how comfortable I am at home and how anxious I am everywhere else. SO a trip is far above the occasional visit other than home. A trip with the Rock brings a whole new meaning to anxious and yet I get comfortable in my routine and think "Sure! We can go on a trip, it will be good to do something new." This statement is true, HOWEVER it doesn't make anything easier. I realize life can always be harder and I am extremely blessed for everything I have. A trip for the Rock is way more difficult for him than me, he just can't explain that it's difficult. If the Rock had had a choice he would have stayed inside the hotel room the entire time playing with the fabulous toys the Johnson's brought or swimming in the pool (but even that got too cold after awhile). The torture of having to eat or stay with us at all times or be with so many people all the time was a lot to take in. I think all in all we did OK....except when it came to sleep. Only one out of the four nights did the Rock sleep. This is so NOT normal that this was the wake-up call that life was way difficult for him. Once we were home it took us a week to get back to normal sleeping patterns, no tantrums(head banging) over everything, playing with us again and eating something was a huge accomplishment by the end of the week home. I think everyone has to adjust to changes, but for the Rock it's just a little bit harder and I don't know what he wants or needs. This I hate and can't wait for the day he can tell me. No this does not mean that I'm not going to go on a trip again, it just means I am aware and will do my best every time to make it the best experience for everyone.

FaMilY TrIp

We were all excited to go to the beach for the first time in a year. We have all missed it so much!!! On top of that we went with the whole family (missing the Kinsmans :( . We all had a great time at the pool, happy hour, and our daily enormous breakfast (these were the favs). We enjoyed a nice bike ride, until a tire popped luckily close to home. A good old fashion pirate treasure hunt was a highlight with kite flying on the side. AND of course what's a family trip without a little not any fights (other than the usual banter between Heman and Grammy) just a small panic when Taz went jumping into the pool after his sisters, while forgetting he wasn't wearing his life jacket. Taz paddled as hard as he could until a good Samaritan jumped in and saved our sweet Taz. These are some of the captured moments I got, Kel and Sade got more.