Catching Fire Premiere

I get asked often (like we all do, right?) "What are you working on?" "What's your next project?" 
I'm thrilled that I can finally tell you and give you some details. 
I know the title gave it away, Yep, I'm working on our next movie Premiere for Charity. 

Catching Fire is just 52 days away from opening night and the 
SagaGirls Premiere Party for Charity
November 22, 2013
@ The District
(in South Jordan, UT)

It's going to be a great time with 
Costume Contest
 Target Practice (bow&arrows, of course)
and our own
where we find out if 

We are thrilled to have Doug Smith Auto as our Theater Host this year making it possible to give all the proceeds from this event to the Autism Council of Utah our charity of choice. 

you know you're a M.O.M. when...

you jump for joy when it gets dark by 8pm, so the fight from the children to go to bed will be over
(well at least the argument that it's not bedtime because it's light outside).

I believe this to be true for many a mom. We love our kids, but somedays we love them even more when they are sweetly sleeping. Like days like today where one after another they were upset at me for something and arguing with me about my parenting until I'd had enough and they are all in bed before 8 for everyone's sanity.

Seriously, I am looking for reasons to be happy it's getting dark early. I LOVE the sun and am sad when it goes away early. So here's to looking on the bright side of life. There's always a bright side.

NBC Fall Comedy, The Michael J. Fox Show

Last week KSL was sweet and invited me to a Red Carpet screening of some of the new NBC fall comedies.  My vote by far was the Michael J. Fox show. I was already excited to see Michael on TV again and the fact that it relates to his personal life off the air was pretty much a done deal for me before it even started.

For me these 30 minutes each week will be a reminder to laugh, even when things are NOT the way you planned them to be. To laugh often when someone in your family is fighting a debilitating disease. To enjoy the good, fight the bad and accept the ugly. The show scenario hits all too close to home for me, but I still enjoyed it.

Sure I cried when Michael was trying his hardest to open a jar of pickles and couldn't so his daughter stepped in and took over, that is what me, my sisters and mom would do for my dad.

Of course Michael will remind me of my dad every week. That's ok I want to remember my dad, his strength to overcome, persevere and his FIGHT for one more minute with all those he loves.

The preview had me at "Hello" and I hope it continues to keep me wanting more each week.
Thank you KSL for the opportunity to see the preview and share my thoughts.

Here is a sneak peak:

Golfing for Autism

The American United Credit Union hosted a wonderful event benefiting the Autism Council of Utah. 
I had the honor of volunteering at this event, by buzzing around in a fun golf cart all day passing out drinks to all of the players. It was a beautiful hot sunny day, a tough job, but someone had to do it.
Here's proof that we "worked" hard or maybe just made fun pictures!

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to "play" with these incredible women. Three major events this year, why? Why do I do these events? Besides the fact that I believe it is part of my purpose here on earth, I've been given talents to make them happen and it brings me PEACE. Other than that I do it because I believe it makes a difference. Living in a state that doesn't provide insurance for many families with special needs including autism, we need all the help we can get. The funds we raise for the Autism Council of Utah goes to Grants for organizations/families here in the state of Utah.
The ACU is ran completely by volunteers. No One gets paid, it just goes back to where it's needed most. I believe that's a cause worth "playing/working" for.

If you're around I hope you come to our next event in November.
(hint hint: You might Catch on Fire)

Summer by Instagram instead of Dates

I love that the longest summer we've ever had, since kids were in school, can be measured by our Instagram pics instead of by the date. This summer was one of my most difficult as not a day has gone by that my heart didn't ache because of the loss of my father.  I have tried very hard to laugh as much or more than I've cried.

JOY we did obtain often! 
Here is a look at all the joy we had in 10 weeks. 

you know you're a M.O.M. when......

....time for YOU is at the bottom of the To Do list.
I know, I know some of you may be saying you do things for your self a lot and yes I do take some time to put my feet up and soak up the sun.

The thing is if you don't take time to do the everyday simple things like eating, showering, working out and putting on makeup, then the get aways, mommy time-outs may not be as much fun or as 
rejuvenating . As it turns out I am actually a lot happier and way more productive if I do these simple things. If I do these simple things I will also be healthier and stronger and that is what makes me better.

I can say yes to a child, husband, friend and possibly even foe before I say YES TO ME. 
I know I've learned this lesson before and I don't think that long ago, but here I am hoping that it's not just me and I can encourage YOU to say yes to you too.
This post is not intended to endorse selfishness! It's just a reminder to put the oxygen mask on me first so that I have all that I need to take care of those the Lord needs me to serve. 

Autism Council of Utah's Blue Carpet Gala

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve as one of the Autism Council of Utah's (ACU) fundraising committee chairpersons. I get to work with incredibly talented brilliant women ( Cheryl Smith, Laura Anderson, Amy Baker and Amanda Patten), who are making a difference in the lives of so many here in Utah.
Pam Winn, the former fundraising chair, had the inspiration to hold a Gala and this year we were able to make her inspiration and a dream of mine come to life with the help of our generous sponsors, MICHE, BRIO, Cobble Creek Countertops, UofU, Doug Smith Auto and many others.

We hosted a beautiful Blue Carpet Gala with the focus being a "spectrum" of entertainment as a reflection of the spectrum of autism. We were honored to have Jason Hewlett as our Emcee for the evening and he knocked our socks off as he does every crowd. Jason is a singer/impersonator extordinaire, check out some of his work here.

Other entertainers were One Voice Children's Choir, Shawn Rapier (comedian), Katherine Nelson (Folk singer), Kyle Kou ( Pop singer), Nelson sisters and Static and the Sound Band closed out the evening with dancing.

We all came dolled up to the nines, ate a delicious 4 course meal from Brio Tuscan Grill, laughed till our bellies ached, shed a few tears on behalf of our loved ones and danced the night away. Thank you to every one who opened your wallets and let your bank accounts show your support. This was the most successful event to date for the ACU and we look forward to raising the bar next year.

Chelsea Peterson Photography captured many of the special moments. I am so thankful to have these pictures as proof of accomplishing this dream I have had of hosting a Black Tie event for the last 15 years. It was a wonderful evening with a spectrum of friends and emotions.

Autism on a daily basis has many miracles, tantrums, laughs, and tears. This evening we were able to celebrate the friendships we share because of our common lifestyles and make a difference in the lives of many. This gives me PEACE as I hope it did for many others. 
Till next year!