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I don't get it? How can he pick up the video camera (stone aged) and know exactly how to make it work?? This is a phenomenon to me! He can figure this out no problem but know his own name, nope. Autism is a crazy thing and I don't know if we'll ever really understand it.

Legoland and drenched it rain, it doesn't get better than that. Really!
I love playing in the rain, memories were made, and laughs were had by all.
I say that's a great day!

I know, I know....ugh, food???? I just have to share that I've finally grown up and I love hummus. AND
Now my kiddos love hummus and ask to eat all the time.
(Proud mom moment)
life rearranged

MY TRUTH as I live it

Oh my goodness, I'm going to do this, I feel like I have to do this, what have you started 
Lars's TRUTH is beautiful and inspiring and the reason I feel like sharing my TRUTH with you today.
I like to focus on all that I'm grateful for, to write about the good times and all that I'm in love with. I believe we need to focus on gratitude, however because this sometimes seems to be all someone might know of us we compare our life to theirs. This quote says it perfectly.

So today as I was laying in my bed crying (it's now 2pm), literally not able to get out I realize I need to share this side. So here I am exposing my vulnerable and all too REAL TRUTH,
so you can see glimpse behind-my-scenes and realize we've all got a story.

This is the face of the woman I want to be everyday. This is the face that I want to believe I am.
Bright eyes, smiling, full of energy and the mindset to take on all that the world and God throw at me. The ability to love and feel that I can handle all that I've been given because it is MUCH.

I believe I am this woman most days but only because I mentally fight this face (below) away EVERYDAY.
{scary face}

I've never taken a picture of me in this state and let me tell you, it haunts me.
This is the face of despair, sadness, sorrow, loneliness, emptiness, exhaustion and loss. 
This roller-coaster we call life has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. 
We all feel these emotions through out our lives, however for me and for so many others that fight the good fight against mental limitations (depression, anxiety) it's sometimes more than I can bare and I end up with this face showing through. 

I hate taking medication and have now figured out for me an emotional checks and balances. Unfortunately for my husband that means I need him to step in and take over when I've reached my limits and I'm about to fall off the edge of sanity into the abyss of hell. It's a fine line to ride on a daily basis and a burden for my entire family to carry. 

Life doesn't turn out the way we want, expect or imagine it to be. 
I didn't expect to fight depression and anxiety all the time. I never wanted my husband to travel all over the world away from us. I imagined all my kids would have an easy time learning and would sail right through school. I imagined only the good times, laughing through the highs and lows.
It's life and I am not in control, no matter how much I'd like to be. The only way through it, is straight through, hopefully into the light and laughter.

We all find balance in different ways. For me I love projects, friends and laughing. I live for these moments to lift me up and push me straight through life and to give me PEACE.
I pray everyday to be a light in the life of someone else, I believe that's what life is all about....RELATIONSHIPS and how we are the PEACE for each other. 

I am so grateful for my dear husband, family, friends and strangers who are answers to my prayers. 

Run! Family! Run!

A couple weeks ago our family was given the opportunity to run in a local race. It's not something we trained for, just a few miles. I figured we go show up and see what happens. At this race they throw different colored chalk on you through out the race and I really wasn't sure if the Rock was going to be able to handle it well. There were a ton (5000ish) people there with great music, great crowd, which causes a great disturbance for the Rock. It could have gone a number of different ways, but instead of getting mad he got clingy and THAT I don't mind. He wanted to be held and covered his ears. We stayed away from speakers and just waited to start.                                                                 Once we were out of the gates we were dancing along and then Taz said "I don't want to walk let's run!" So off went Heman, Taz and the Rock running. I stayed with Punky and a friend and chatted as we went along. The boys would run and then wait for us to catch up. When they threw color on you the Rock did ok, I never know what's going to be ok and what's not. We all had a great time as a family!
Memories were made, time was well spent, bodies were strengthened and our souls were nourished, I'd say that was QUALITY.

How do you spend your family time? Do you have traditions that feed your bodies and mind?

Where Women Cook

I'd never had Fresh Peach Pie until a few weeks ago and I fell in love, hope you do too.
You can read about it where I'm featured here......
where women cook

Thanks to my sweet friend Stephanie from The Daily Blarg for giving me this opportunity and making me look good by taking the photos.
Thanks to my sweet friend Jenny Thompson for introducing the southern way of life to me.

you know you're a M.O.M. when..... have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.
I LOVE it because I can find everything I've never even dreamed of. I HATE it because I can find everything You've never even dreamed of. It's amazing what a wonderful tool Pinterest is and how really smart people use it.
Janet Thaler is a very smart M.O.M. who (along with Paul Wilson) created PinAlerts, a pinterest tracking tool from your website. It's easy to see what your readers find PINteresting. Register for PinAlerts here.

Some of my favorite pins......
Inspiration to "Just Keep Swimming"
Places I WILL Go

Things I need to remember and try. I did this detox bath last night and.....

What do you love about Pinterest?

Witches are OUT at Gardner Village!

from Witches to hats
from treats to mats
Gardner Village is where the Party's AT!

We (some of my favorite women in the world and I) had such a fun time on our own scavenger hunt to all the wonderful shops and event/meeting venue at Gardner Village. This place has everything and every shop has something unique that I didn't want to leave without. As you walk around you feel like you've been transported to a whole new destination complete with Witches (perfect photo ops) delicious Fried Green Tomatoes and a Spa to take all your worries away (for at least an hour). 
I hope you're able to make it to Gardner Village soon!
Go into Archibald's restaurant before you start your journey and pick up a Savenger Hunt paper for the kids to find all the witches and then stop into Sweet Afton's to turn in the completed hunt for a treat.

You know for kids! It was so cute I had to try it on @ Aunt Elsie's Treasures store.

pick yours up at Archibald's restaurant 

Just one of the spooky characters lurking around.

One of the MOST beautiful women I know inside and out, my friend Megan or Brassy Apple.

I won a fabulous gift from the Cottage Retreat & Spa. Can't wait to slip away to PEACEFUL heaven soon at this gorgeous cottage. Check out that amazing ring on my finger in the above photo, 
Posh Peddler folks, it rocks!

Here are all the shops and some of my favorite's inside each one......

Naborhood Bakery (yummy orange rolls), Country Funiture & Gifts (best holiday decor and furniture), Down to Earth (favorite pillows and furniture), Sassy Babies (fashionable chew bracelets and necklaces), Spoiled Rotten (cute boy clothes and accessories, KnuckleHead apparel), Kamille's Knitting (class to get your knit on), Upon the Shelf (everything to decorate your mantel), Georgell Doll Shop (every girls dream, tea parties too), Vintage Chic (swanky clothes to accessories), Pine Needles (amazing fabric, patterns and classes), Highlite Photography (talented photos, just ask for a mustache), Just Us Girls, Plum Dandy, Storybook Nook (books to toys), Taste Culinary Boutique (classes), The Bead Farm (bead parties), The Village Quilt Shop (my bedspread now is a quilt shop original, love), Modern Display (holiday decor), Sweet Afton's (fudge & treats)

you know you're a M.O.M. when....

.....the feeling that you're failing won't leave you alone.

I don't know why this comes with motherhood, but it does. I say ENOUGH! :) (throwing my fist down on the table)

We don't need to feel this way! We are good, strong, loving women who are just trying to do our absolute best and by gone it (what my Nana says) that's ENOUGH! :) (I'm now convincing myself)
I mean what more than our best could we expect to do? I don't know a woman out there who isn't fighting a good fight for her family (whatever shape or size it is). As a M.O.M. to YOU this is me wrapping my arms around you (in my bathing suit, jk) and saying
and by gone it 
If found this card (picture) in one of my favorite sweet shops in town and loved the quote so much I had to have to share with others. I may not be next door to you or even a phone call away, but I am here to share my support and love and to be your clan, network, tribe and family. Thank you for you comments and support. We all NEED one to lift each other up and tell each other we're enough.

Owl always love you....

I know! I know! It's a fad, all these owls but I love them and I love that my sis bought me the wood (The Wood Connection) for the big one because she loves me. She bought them shortly before we found out she was moving away and now they keep her here with me in some sort of way saying to me "Owl always love you!"

5 easy Steps to Create your Own Owls:
1) sand wood edges 
2) trace owl shapes on backside of desired cardstock paper
3) paint entire owl, eye circles and beak your desired color and let dry
4) modge podge backside of paper and place on wood to dry
5) once all pieces are dry modge podge on top of paper and glue (E6000) eye pieces and beak into place and let dry.

I'm also in love with orange, yellow and aqua so those are the color of paint & paper I had to use to Modge Podge these beautiful owls. I love that the photo makes them all vintage looking. When I was a little girl  my Nana had pictures of owls and a stuffed owl in her house. I don't think it was a fad then, I think my Nana is a visionary.

I keep my owls up all year, but I love the fall season and you get to see more out and about.
I also love Megan @ Brassy Apple and her brilliant mind.

you know you're a M.O.M when.....

.....accomplishing a pile of laundry higher than knees makes you feel like a super hero.

Believe me I feel like I've saved the world for my pre-teen when she has the perfect outfit to wear.

Sometimes it's the perspective that makes the tedious jobs worthwhile. What M.O.M. job makes you feel like a super hero?

you know you're a M.O.M when...... cry or get emotional when a dirt covered, smelly, snot nose crusted, child gives you a hug and says "I love you".
One of the sweetest days of my life have been the days my children say "I love you" for the first time. Even sweeter is when the Rock (who has 5 regularly used words) says it. It's usually followed with a kiss which just seals the deal. Precious tender mercies that I'll never take for granted.
Is "I love you" your favorite words or something else?