Party, YES! Halloween Costumes, NO!!!!!

Am I the worst mom IF I just dread coming up with Halloween costumes? Well I may be, but it's just not something I enjoy. I can throw a fun party any day (if I'm in the mood, Haha), but costumes are just plain no fun work for me. Sure, I think that all the costumes are cute and when I see Family Costumes I sometimes kick myself but then square my shoulders and accept that's just not me. I have done one or two family costumes throughout the last 13 years but not many and that's OK. 
To all you talented costume making moms, I sincerely applaud you and admire your work. 

This is the first year my girls 13 & 11 haven't had their difficult costumes planned since April. You know, when they talk about it for months and I still don't plan before Halloween how I'm going to make that work. Yay! They are growing up and out of costumes and I can let the guilt go.

Luckily my boys don't demand much from me. My 5 year old doesn't even like to be dressed at all. No, I don't let him go naked but I'm not about to fight to put on a costume neither of us care about. My 7 year old wants to be Fantasmic Mickey. That seemed easy enough, one trip to the Disney store and I'm done, right? Nope, they don't carry that costume. I am so lucky to have the most easy going boy and he's happy with what we've got left over from previous costumes to make it work.

I'm so glad time goes on and that all things come to PASS and not to stay. Even halloween costume designing motherhood time. Here's proof that I've done fun costumes and am good with moving on.

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  1. Right on sista. I hate costumes. I hate the pressure. I love that my girls seem to be easy going with me too. I always have that pressure on me though that I should be doing something....glad I NEVER cave!