The Croods = Speech Surprises

You may not think that bribery is a good way to parent but I believe in a reward for a job well done, and that's what my kiddos got tonight. We cleaned the basement SO we went to the movies. Little did I know this "Wild Child" below would spark something in MY non-verbal/echolalia wild child to say a word I haven't heard in a while, DaDa. 

Daddy wasn't even there to hear it. Don't worry I hurry and recorded it.

The Rock doesn't mimic us or movies all the time so we are genuinely surprised when something sinks in and he mimics something or someone. 
The Croods was a great movie for the whole family, from the 34yr old to the 5yr old we all were entertained and inspired to speak out about it.

you know you're a M.O.M. when....

.....validation is all your heart desires most days. Today is MY day! 
Thanks to Mom It Forward for honoring me as Mom of the Day.

This means so much to me because of how much I admire the women and men that work so hard to make Mom It Forward such an incredible place of inspiration. Mom It Forward has an incredible mission to uplift and make the world a better place, goals that I share with them.

For me I wonder all the time if I'm doing enough for my family, myself and those I come in contact with. It's a battle of balance and peace, but it's days like today that show me I'm achieving my goals to make a difference by someone noticing and sharing what they've noticed with others. 
Thank you so much to all the magnificent people at Mom It Forward. 

I challenge each of us to give someone a little validation today and share with them how much you see they make a difference in the world.