to those we love.........and those that love us!

I'm sure you could get through life without letting people get close to you, but it would not be a fulfilling life. Sure it means that you open your self up for disappointment, heartache, and sadness at times also feel more love, joy, and laughter than ever before. This is why we work so hard with those with Autism, so that they can experience life to it's fullest! It's amazing how much joy eye contact with the Rock brings to my soul. I am truly grateful for the special people in our lives that help us move forward, enjoy the little things and especial those that make us laugh! These moments keep us going in this unforgiving spiral we call life. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks. Sadie Lady, Oh How I love you........... your smile is infectious........your selflessness is relentless........your love is intoxicating.........
Scandelous, Intoxicanted, Exhillerating Party!
I do not and will not show pics of the crazy bash this woman put on for her birthday, but it rocked!! So glad I got to be apart of the party and especially apart of her life.
The things I can talk this man in to doing! He is such a troop and yes even sometimes a pooper (aren't we all), but last night he did not let me down and owned the night! He walked away with the best costume award and I believe any time he's dressed mostly nauked he should get best dressed! (again there will not be pics, sorry ladies! you had to be there)
Recently I went on a road trip with 5 wonderful women and had a great time! I'm so glad these women are who they are and have helped me become who I am now. It makes my heart swell with joy to know that I have video of my little sistas and mama doing the Macarena with a friendly local truck driver and a passerbyer. ;)
This is the way to post incriminating photos. BLACKOUT NIGHT turned out way fun, especially considering I had know idea what we were going to do when I sent the text to "Be there or Beware". Crazy Women + Ice + Squirt Guns + Hoses + Voices + Blended Drinks + Serranades + TP = Happiness and one Crazy A Night! Just another usual night in my life! The women who entertain me with their presence have become my life line to sanity! They will never understand how much they have saved me and given me PEACE......I love you all! Thank you!!!

On His Own

The magic of potato heads! The Rock really likes potato heads and it is the only toy that I have found that he will let me PRETEND with him. We build the potato head with all the features and then together we make them jump, dance, sleep, walk and kiss. It's awesome! The Rock is really good at physical, chasing, tickling play, most others we are just beginning to be able to do together and for him to want to do it.
Along with this has come a whole new level of understanding. I now feel and know that the Rock is comprehending a lot of what we are saying and telling him to do.
He can help put his shoes on and can take off his clothes (when told to, not just when he wants to). These are simple things that mean a great deal to us.
He is talking (sounds) a lot more, instead of stimming with his voice. More words are coming and we are so excited! We are so proud of the Rock and are so grateful for all the love and support we are given by so many. These simple pieces that give us PEACE.

Taz Turns FIVE

Buddies at the birthday party! Taz is loving Super Mario Wii so we had a Super Taz World Party and ran the obstacle course through the whole house! It was great to have everyone there. Thanks for being there for our big boy.
Yep! Another trip to the ER for stitches. He is so brave!
This boys brown eyes and smile melt my heart. He is such a sweetie and gives me loves whenever I need them. With all the sword play and rough housing you'd wonder sometimes if he has a tender bone in his body, HE DOES!
Fun pics to see how much he's grown.