The Rock

6yrs 8mo
25 mands - park, slide, swing, phone, dinosaur, ball, ipad, outside, bed, sucker, downstairs, green, tickle, candy, book, toys, drink, open, up, jump, apple, help me, owl, flower, run, cereal, mickey, doll, dog, cow,

25 tacts - dinosaur, drink, cracker, blanket, candy, ball, car, monkey, book, shoes, shirt, woody, Gru, swing, doll, cereal, bacon, pants, slide, fish, basketball, dog, playdough, donald duck, book

Counting answering "how many" make him point to the first item and then he can count 6

One step commands...put in trash, shut the door, put on shoes, go get clothes on, this way, draw circle

Requests...push me, come,

Questions...where is ____, what's your name?, whose this (family member)?,

Social Skills
6yrs 5mo started pushing kids, then he would push and then pull their hand to play. It's seems he was demonstrating what many 2.5yr olds will do to initiate play with peers. This was done to kids 2-9yrs old.
He seems not to be paying attention to his surroundings but this is extremely misleading, he is very aware of all that is going on, where mom, dad or care provider are located and if he can get away.

Fine Motor
6yrs 8mo
Drew... arms, legs and feet on an abstract body, circle
Can trace shapes and letters
Cuts on lines with some prompting.

Writing...H, a,

Gross Motor
6yrs 8mo
Swimming, runs really fast, climbs everything

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