Summer Lovin'

Cali friends are in town this week! we took them up to the mountains for brunch and a nature walk. The girls and taz all found stumps for pictures to be taken. It took at a good hour to walk a mile because they wanted their pictures taken every three feet. Punky also found a new love for photography, thank you Mr. Chico.
triathlon season is almost over, this was number 4, a magic number for both of us this race was a true test of mental ability for me and i made it, #1
Water time! taz ran away to the garden sprinklers. I'm not sure if this is secondary water or not (hope not)! Yesterday this happend again and I figured if you can't beat them join them.
first time on the lake, we've only lived here 2 yrs

God Bless the USA

4th's top Ten 10. big parades 9. fireworks (sorry not big fans of waiting) 8. water fights (Justin you always make life fun) 7. matching family outfits 6. swimming 5. BBQ (thanks S&J) 4. neighborhood parades 3. neighborhood watch (thanks meehan's for saving Taz from a fatal accident w/scissors and making sure The Rock got breakfast! where would our kids be without you) 2. a day to do anything you want and nothing at all as a family 1. friends and family (you make the day! thanks for making our 4th!)

I'm connected, are U?

i love having people over at my house. it makes me so happy. i love it when people just drop by for a visit and stay a while. last night i was thinking would i do this to someone else, just drop in. i thought "Yes, definitely!" and then thought about the entourage i take with me everywhere i go and on second thought "Maybe not." this led me to thinking that i feel like the verizon wireless commercials, there i am standing at my friends door ready to come in and hang out and right behind me is my entourage of 4 children,purses, diaper bags, stroller, car seat, blankets, and snacks. maybe this doesn't sound like a lot, but when i think about it or am standing in that very spot it is overwhelming. i am glad to be a mom, i am just still learning how to handle all the joy of being so well connected. i think part of the reason we think "Maybe not." is that we may not feel invited or that we would be interrupting something. so here is my invitation to friends and family, if you are well connected or not, feel free to Drop By and stay a while.


taz turned two last week. This is his bucket head experience which he likes to do often. he had a good day playing with the duke. after his nap he woke up to a decorated house, and a new basketball hoop and little tikes car. taz is usually not possesive about toys and things but he definately new this was his day and his special toys, so anytime anyone else was playing with something he had to be into it. he was running in circles for the rest of the afternoon. he is such a fun kid. if you ever need a laugh just watch him run. we pass people everywhere we go and they just laugh at how cute he is. we are glad he is here to brighten our days.