Expressionism Thinking and Art

My friends say they can't understand me, that I talk in riddles. I blame it on my Mom, because she does similar things. Maybe it's just the fact that the world isn't ready for what we have to say. I had a friend not too long ago say, it's never just about the weather with you when we talk, it's always deep.
I tend to think in quotes, lyrics or poems, therefore making it difficult for me to to put all my different emotions and thoughts in my head to words. I am constantly writing down quotes or thoughts that explain my emotions. Now with the new Rhonna Designs App on my phone I LOVE to combine these quotes and art together. Here are a few of my recent faves...

It's about Creating everyday!

Today I'm sharing my heart and some deep thoughts over at Brassy Apple go take a look! 
Thanks to Rhonna Designs App for making this photo above possible.