This year has been an eventful one for sure. We are so blessed with great family, wonderful friends, and a knowledge of God and his ever giving love to all. Below is just a few of the highlights. We miss many of you so very much and pray that you know how special you are to us even though we are far away. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Where does TIME fly? and WHY does it go so fast!

*disclaimer ramblings and random deep thoughts* (this is me venting no need to read unless you have some really awesome insight that won't piss me off. easy to do these days, sorry!) the last year has been one overwhelming ride. one filled with laughter and tears. i know, i know this is everyones story, and yet we are continually reminded of how sweet and bitter life can be. a friend told me the other night that we are not sent here to earth to be entertained but to simply learn and have joy. when he said this it made joy so much more subdued. i thought that, had i had this mentality sooner i wouldn't be searching for the long awaited time out that i think i deserve. deserve what? i know!, i deserve to smile and find joy in my posterity and to learn as much as i can. can i just take a time out from learning for a minute to catch my breath. i promise i'll come back we all do eventually, right? why is it so easy to get lost? i know i'm weird and am just analyzing too much. again sorry if you read this. it's been a long time since i vented and my journal wouldn't cut it.

thriving three

our litte man(aka) turtle, taz, avatar, buzz lightyear, spiderman, HEMAN! the center of the chaos and the peacemaker of our lives
to infinity and beyond, by the power of greyskull, and with the strength of the elements he keeps me going and going and going
the one who can be reasoned with, the one who makes us laugh, the one who runs for his life, the one who loves the alligators
GO COUGS!!!! brainwashed by their fathers
monkey face
dazed and confuzed we love you dude crush. you are totally sweet dude. we think you are awesome. we would be lost without you.


father's day is a funny day to me. mother's day is a day set aside for peace and escape from the day to day responsibilities and father's day is the day for the father to just be the DAD! they have the responsibility to play all day with the kids! this is just my interpretation. i feel that my children and i are blessed to have such amazing men in our lives. Brigham is an incredible father. we are grateful for his love and dedication to take care of all of us. our happiness is his first priority and it continually amazes me. he is a wonderful companion, father and friend who blesses our lives daily. we are grateful for our fathers who taught us piggy one a motion, to pick our nose, to read, to love the gospel and especially the one who knows everything! we wouldn't be who we are now without you teaching us all the time. the one that is there whenever we need you, ready to listen and give thoughtful or no advice. we are so thankful for the love that comes from all of you. thank you for your example.

on the road........AGAIN!!!

i guess since our house is in boxes its official, we are moving back west. brig's job is going well and they need someone in the west. we are not sure where we are going to land at this point. we are looking at colorado and utah. brig leaves on the 29th for work in denver for a couple of weeks and i am staying here for a few more weeks for fe' to finish school. life is a rollercoaster and it's been one crazy ride the last year.
i love being a mother. especially these special tender moments. you don't realize how much you are able to love until you have one of your own (whatever way that comes). GOD really does know what he's doing! everyday i thank him for blessing me with the ability to be a mother. i am also very grateful for my mother. her sacrifice in the behalf of me and my sisters is overwhelming and miraculous. i am grateful to see parts of her in me and to know that she has helped become who i am today and inspired me to continue to be better. i have been blessed to have known and shared time with my grandmothers. these women are amazing and it is fun to listen to their wisdom. they have taught me much. there have also been many other women who have shown me love and guidance along my journey so far. there are times when us as moms can't do it all and we need others to step in and help. to those women i thank you. i needed you and you were miracles in my life. there are mothers (family and friends) that that are an inspiration to me and my children. thank for loving me enough to teach me what i need to learn and loving my babies like i do. i hope you all have a wonderful day being a mom.


We love your inventive spirit....
your selflessness and love....
your energy and laugh....
your art and belly roll(a must see)....
your enthusiasm for life!
We are blessed to have you in our lives!
visualize this... the timer for the oven is going off...i am in the bathroom (doing my business)...i walk in the kitchen...oven door open...taz is standing there with arms stretched out wide...oven mittens on both hands and says..."mommy, it's done!!!...taz screams inside her head and laughs out loud! Oh my heck! I am a circus! Always watching out for the next death defying act! I asked heman if i could tell me something about the boys and him not freak out. He asked me if i had to. i sad no, so i am telling all of you. don't tell him!!! i wish i had my camera, i so would have taken a picture. hope you all can see the seen in your head it is one for the books.
DISNEY SUITE IS FULL!!! we have had so much fun with the other dickinson clan. taz immediately started calling ben"dad". the others start playing like they were never apart. we have been going non-stop and loving every min.(well i have!) we really do love having a full house and the joys that come with it. we will miss everyone and enjoy the moments we get with each of you. taz got to see a hippo for the first time and you can tell how much he loved it. the magic was alive as we celebrated family time! many little monkeys standing in the grass teasing Mr. Aligator can't catch me!!! (Uncle's are totally crazy)
Adventures in Sisterhood

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.....

you would
cry too....
if you didn't Like sugar

happy birthday

i can not believe it! the big 1 year old! the rock is such an awesome kid. he smiles all the time, tries to run with his head pushed forward (absolutely hysterical), gives hugs and kisses, babbles a lot, mimics any and every sound, loves cars (makes the sound), balls, and climbing. he is such a joy to have in our home. we are so blessed to have every one of our special miracles. thanks mish for the picture

tides of life

sorry it's been so long for those of you who may actually read this. i love this picture. it gives me so much peace. taz without any cares in the world but the seagulls stealing his chips. i have been just awestruck by the many tides in life. just when the life is calm and clear a wave comes up and the tide pulls you in a different direction. the only constant is our faith and family. how blessed we are to have these two wonderful gifts to keep us from drifting out to no return. i am so grateful for my knowledge that there is a plan of happiness and we are here to have joy, to learn, and to return to a loving Heavenly Father. this knowledge is what keeps me going when the tide has come in and the waves are crashing. we are really enjoying florida and the friends we have made. we miss our loved ones who are far away and pray we will see you soon.

thank you

i am sad to say that i have no pictures of our visit with mom and dad. after that last jont to the beach the camera was left in the cooler for a couple of days to soak up the water. we had a great time with mom and dad. playing games every night(as long as i wasn't passed out). yep, i beat dad to bed on friday night. i was so proud that we all stayed up to ring in the new year even after we left mom and dad in charge so we could help out at our stake youth trek. we a had a fabulous time, thank you so much for all you do, we are eternally grateful. the next morning after bern's nathan was still raving about it and so are we. thank you, thank you, thank you........... we love you tonz!!!!

WOW, Best Christmas Surprise

boys will be boys
forever buds
nathan showed up three days before Christmas. it was a great surprise.
after spunky pushes punky in the water nathan couldn't stop laughing so he thought he would give spunky a dunk. it is the coldest water!!! what a good sport nathan is!!! thanks for the good times and unforgettable memories.