tides of life

sorry it's been so long for those of you who may actually read this. i love this picture. it gives me so much peace. taz without any cares in the world but the seagulls stealing his chips. i have been just awestruck by the many tides in life. just when the life is calm and clear a wave comes up and the tide pulls you in a different direction. the only constant is our faith and family. how blessed we are to have these two wonderful gifts to keep us from drifting out to no return. i am so grateful for my knowledge that there is a plan of happiness and we are here to have joy, to learn, and to return to a loving Heavenly Father. this knowledge is what keeps me going when the tide has come in and the waves are crashing. we are really enjoying florida and the friends we have made. we miss our loved ones who are far away and pray we will see you soon.

thank you

i am sad to say that i have no pictures of our visit with mom and dad. after that last jont to the beach the camera was left in the cooler for a couple of days to soak up the water. we had a great time with mom and dad. playing games every night(as long as i wasn't passed out). yep, i beat dad to bed on friday night. i was so proud that we all stayed up to ring in the new year even after we left mom and dad in charge so we could help out at our stake youth trek. we a had a fabulous time, thank you so much for all you do, we are eternally grateful. the next morning after bern's nathan was still raving about it and so are we. thank you, thank you, thank you........... we love you tonz!!!!

WOW, Best Christmas Surprise

boys will be boys
forever buds
nathan showed up three days before Christmas. it was a great surprise.
after spunky pushes punky in the water nathan couldn't stop laughing so he thought he would give spunky a dunk. it is the coldest water!!! what a good sport nathan is!!! thanks for the good times and unforgettable memories.


fun at the beach with new friends making sand angels. good times.
we are so grateful for the great neighbors we have. they have made our transition easier.

the rock walks!!!!

this kid is a bundle of joy. you can't help but fall in love with him. he looks more and more like his daddy with mommy's beautiful blue eyes. he says mamama (ha,ha, Brig) and makes car noises (is this normal, taz didn't do this). he started walking before he turned 10 months and is almost running. i will see him one room and when i turn around to from another he is right at my side. i love him to pieces.