on the road........AGAIN!!!

i guess since our house is in boxes its official, we are moving back west. brig's job is going well and they need someone in the west. we are not sure where we are going to land at this point. we are looking at colorado and utah. brig leaves on the 29th for work in denver for a couple of weeks and i am staying here for a few more weeks for fe' to finish school. life is a rollercoaster and it's been one crazy ride the last year.
i love being a mother. especially these special tender moments. you don't realize how much you are able to love until you have one of your own (whatever way that comes). GOD really does know what he's doing! everyday i thank him for blessing me with the ability to be a mother. i am also very grateful for my mother. her sacrifice in the behalf of me and my sisters is overwhelming and miraculous. i am grateful to see parts of her in me and to know that she has helped become who i am today and inspired me to continue to be better. i have been blessed to have known and shared time with my grandmothers. these women are amazing and it is fun to listen to their wisdom. they have taught me much. there have also been many other women who have shown me love and guidance along my journey so far. there are times when us as moms can't do it all and we need others to step in and help. to those women i thank you. i needed you and you were miracles in my life. there are mothers (family and friends) that that are an inspiration to me and my children. thank for loving me enough to teach me what i need to learn and loving my babies like i do. i hope you all have a wonderful day being a mom.