Board Games as Classroom Parties

Yep! You guessed it, I'm a Room Mom for my sixth grader. At our school the kids are privileged to  have classroom parties for a couple of holidays through out the year. With Halloween next week I thought I'd share with you how I took CLUE the board game and spun it into a full on party.

My daughter begged me NOT to have stations, but with 30 kids it's almost impossible to have a party in a classroom and not break into groups. I think what my daughter was really asking me to do was to have a cohesive party with a beginning, middle and end. What better way to do this than with a game.

I started with the lights off and window blinds closed so there was just a little light to set the mood. I was dressed up with a red ribbon around my neck and acted a little while another mom read a scary kids story "The Red Ribbon". When the story was over I explained with a "Dundunduuun" that we were going to find out who, where and how this happened to the woman with the red ribbon by playing a real live version of the game CLUE.

I split the kids into equal groups and had them each start at different stations. These stations were facilitated by other moms, who were all dressed up as characters from the game with some kind of resemblance to the room they were in (examples below).
Each group was given an actual board game CLUE sheet to record their findings.
At each station the kids had to do different activities, when the activity was completed the team was shown actual clue cards. These cards I divided up just like you do when playing the board game.
The kids rotated stations for the time we had allotted, at this point they all came to where I had displayed the game board in the classroom and placed the figures with who, where and how they thought the mystery played out.
I read the group suspicions and then pulled out the "Top Secret" cards and revealed the answer. This was also the CLUE as to where the classroom prize was hidden. The answer being Mr. Green in the Bathroom with the Rope. In the classroom bathroom I hid a plastic green jack-o-lantern full of glow it the dark necklaces.

Once the prizes were found the kids got to enjoy popcorn, soda and freshly made in the classroom cotton candy. The kids said it was the best party. Thanks to all the moms who made it all possible.

Here is how we divided up the characters, rooms and the activities we played...
   Character               Room                             Activity
Professor Plum    Billiards                       Dart Board (every kid got a turn until they reach the set amount of points)
Mrs. Scarlet          Lounge                Halloween Word Scramble
Mrs. Peacock    Dining Room          Blindfolded Safety Pin Dig (in individual rice buckets)
Mr. Green           GreenHouse               Spider Throw (similar to darts but with sticky spiders and a web from Target)
Cl. Mustard           Kitchen                 Fear Factor Blindfolded (everyday foods named something spooky)
Mrs. White             Library                        Charades (every child took a turn acting to receive their clues)


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    1. Thank you so much. You are amazing yourself.

  2. That sounds SO FUN! The only time I would want to go back to 6th grade is for this party. You're awesome!

    1. You and me in 6th grade??? Oh man, trouble. haha

  3. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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