you know you're a M.O.M. when......'re willing to invite 50 kids and 10 other M.O.M.s over for breakfast every month, to make sure you start the month off right with some good eats and  adult conversation.
I think this is one of the hardest changes when becoming a M.O.M. You have always had friends, spouse and/or family around,  along with the ability to go wherever you want whenever and NOW you have little ones in tow. You don't even realize the importance of adult conversation until you start having conversations with your baby and you talk to and for the baby in order to get an answer you.

For my PEACE of mind it's worth it to me to open my house for an eventful breakfast with friends. We need conversation and to hear others view points on life. We need to learn from one another and feel loved by one another.
If you are not out socializing....DO IT! It's important, it feeds the soul. I've worked so hard with to teach the Rock how to socialize and accept others, and for him autism makes it that much harder but he's learning because it's important!

Brio Tuscan Grille....dinner, giveaway and sensory therapy all in one!

"to eat well, is to live well"the Brio way
I had the lucky pleasure of enjoying a night out with my lovely friends at the new Brio Tuscan Grille @ Fashion Place Mall. My meal was incredible and now I've been craving it ever since. That's why I went back last night for my birthday dinner with the hubby.
I was able to try 6 different appetizers and they were delightful. The Brushetta bread didn't cut the roof of my mouth and Shrimp and Eggplant melted in my mouth.
I also ordered a non-spirited Wild Berry Mint Fresca that was refreshing!
Every Kids meal comes with their very own pizza dough brought to the table, Sensory Time (the Rock may or may not like this but it's a great opportunity to touch and feel something different). Every child gets to shape the dough however they want and then the server takes the child to the cook where they get to choose their toppings for their pizza and watch it cook in the Brick Oven.
Tuesday Nights kids eat FREE with a paying adult meal.

Soup and Main dish were spectacular! The fish was so fresh and flavorful.

 Drumroll please..............yep I was  full to the brim but I canNOT pass up anything that includes Mascarpone. This dessert was absolutely divine!!

$3.95 GREAT TUSCAN TASTERS are available 
M-F 3-7pm & 9-Close
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15 Ways to Organize......

I love my shoe organizers and all the different ways they make my life more PEACEful with organization. Now my family and I can easily find items we often use. 
There are just a few examples under each area as an example.
Velcro can be attached to any/all sleeves to keep loose items inside.
Storage is simple and items can be easily packed in suitcases or storage in seconds. 

1) Jewelry/Accessories 
             bracelets, watches, belts 
2) Toiletries 
             nail supplies, contact cases, razors, cottonballs, sponges, Q-tips
3) First Aid
            thermometer, band-aids, ointments, bandages, cooling packs, 
4) Craft Supplies
            tacks, glue, ribbons, paint brushes, buttons, beads, thread
5) Office Supplies
             business cards, occasional cards, tape, pens, magnets, name tags
6) Pantry
             seasoning packets, jello, drink mix packages, 
7) Camping
             matches, heat packs, poncho, garbage sacks, hand wipes, soap 
8) Games
             face cards, puzzles, I Spy, dice, UNO, memory
9) Legos
             place instructions on the outside to show where pieces go
10) Hardware
            screws, nails, 3M's, wire, small tools, hooks, spare parts
11) Seasonal Items
            Summer - goggles, swim cap   Winter - mittens, scarfs, hats
12) Hair Supplies
           elastics, bows, barrettes, headbands, bobby pins, clips
13) Gifts
           I always store extra gifts just in case I need a gift on the go.
14) Countdown
           24 days till Christmas or any other holiday
15) Packing
make it easy for you and your children and store undies, outfits, shoes all together and when you arrive all you have to do is hang up your organizer.

you know you're a M.O.M. when......'ve become so good at throwing birthday parties you do your own too.
On my 30th birthday I started throwing my own birthday party. I figured if you want one do it! AND you get what you want. (I understand now what a control freak I am and I own that.) Seriously though some of my favorite moments of my life have come from these parties and now friends ask what we're doing, because they know it will be a memory for the books (the secret hidden books that are never shared with anyone but us). This year is no different.....Let the "Good Times Roll"! 
(if you haven't noticed, yes I wish my life were like Aly McBeal but with impromptu songs blasting)

My EVO '12 Top 5 Moments

My first evo ever and I was impressed! Not only did I get to hang out with these lovely ladies ( Jen, Shelley, Brooke, Mandi, Stephanie, Lindsey, Jenny, Lindsey & Minnie) and SO many more, I was also able to go with one of my besties, Aly (no photo cause she has them all :))

It really was incredible. I was overwhelmed with the acceptance from everyone I met. Who wouldn't want to go where everyone tells you how beautiful you are and embraces your talents. There was so much knowledge to absorb that I left packed full of things to do. Everyone always has a different experience and so here are are my 
Top 5 moments........
1) Flash Mob Participant, it was so much fun to be a part of the first EVO Flash Mob. I guess I've secretly even unaware to myself I've wanted to be in a flash mob. It was really fun. I thought I knew the dance pretty well until I got up there and my mind went blank, I just kept going and laughing threw it all.
2) Knowledge, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I was doused with so much knowledge from social media to owning your own company. The knowledge was priceless. Now it's time to put it to work!
3) ebay Green Team Suite, our floor hosted the E-Bay Suite and we felt so loved there we were there often and until wee hours of night/morning. The whole team were wonderful hosts and the ebay suite will forever 
live in infamy(to those who were there).
4) Being Kidnapped, by Casey was definitely a highlight. The power had gone out at the resort but it was still light out when Casey walked up to me and said "I like you, let's hang out!" I was like "Uh, yeah, sure, but I have to pee." We then spent the next few hours (as it got pitch black) pouring out our heart and souls. Thanks Casey for the memories.
5) Friends, if you know me you know I love my friends. Having people around me brings me so much joy and PEACE so EVO was a dream come true. I absolutely love all my friends I've met in the last few months. You've rocked my world and it will never be the same.

So, if you're thinking about going to EVO.....STOP thinking and GO!!

you know you're a M.O.M. when......

......Melatonin is your BFF.

In the Autism community melatonin has been a common word I hear. I've heard the good and the bad and put off using it due to the fact that I think the Rock already has nightmares and Melatonin can cause  them. But after months of sleepless nights or easily awakened sleep I decided to give it a try. Oh my goodness "It Works!!" I don't use it every night but it has helped him be calm when it's time for bed and sleep all through the night. Yay!
Last night I even tried a little myself and I'm felt very relaxed and ready for bed before 1am. 
I love you Melatonin, do you?

NEW Summer Hobby

After 14yrs of marriage it's fun to see how well you know each other. I bought HeMan a paddle board for our Anniversary/Father's Day without talking to him about it. I really thought he would enjoy it, I was right!!! At first when he saw it he was hesitant but one second on the water and he loved it. We now have a new hobby we enjoy together. I love being out on the water, it gives my soul so much PEACE that being with my man is just an added bonus. Yes, I know it was his gift for both of us.

Crafty Wars ParTay

Craft Wars is a new TV show and I had the luck to be able to go to the premiere with a few (100) other blogger friends and cheer for Mandi Gubler, Vintage Revivals and Jill, Girls with Good Taste
Bridget, Bridgey Widgey, party stylist extrodinaire was gracious enough to throw this wonderful party decked out with Italian Sodas from Orson Gygi, Cupcakes from One Sweet Slice, Swag from Pick Your Plum and the one and only Topsy Turvy Cake (above pic) from Ashlee. 

It was so great to meet up with friends and get to know new ones. I was even lucky enough to win a prize, I never win (never say never)! Before the night was over I had to take a splash into the pool, it was calling my name.
Look closely this slide is huge and a ton of fun as you shoot out from the drop and skid across the water to the other side of the pool. It's not a perfect night for me if it I don't do something out of the ordinary. So there it is a perfect night with a little bit of PEACE. 
Thank you, Bridget! xxx

you know you're a M.O.M. when.....

.....tears happy or sad ones are more common than laughter.

I love to laugh and do often don't get me wrong, but being a M.O.M. is emotional. These pics were the last week of school and as excited I am for summer (sarcasm intended) it was tough to say goodbye to chapters in our life.
The first pic is of the LAST day Punky and Spunky will ever walk to school together. These girls are so much fun and full of character and have a good sister bond. Nervous for them to enter into separate schools. Ending, starting, changing, staying are too many emotions to hold in that they came trickling out that morning
The second pic is The Rock with the BEST teacher ever! We love her so much and are so glad that we get to have her again next year. My heart was so full of love for all the teachers that have made this school year the best we've ever had, that the love came pouring out my eyes.

So many emotions you've just got to let them all out, how do you let your emotions out?

Home of the BRAVE

I love this picture for so many reasons. The memories of this day when my brother came home from War, safely. I was so happy for my sister to see her husband again and for our family to be all together again. I love the memory of my daughter enjoying waving the flags and showing our enthusiasm for our love of our country and the soldiers that sacrifice for us.

My heart is so full of gratitude for the men and women who make it possible for us to have the rights we exercise every day. I love the saying "Home of the free BECAUSE of the BRAVE!" My love and prayers go out to these men and women and their families.
Thank you for your sacrifice you give for me and my family. My God be with you!!

you know you're a M.O.M. when......

a "culture" GNO is Roller Derby.
I love experiencing things I've never done before wether that is traveling around the world, a new cuisine or your local Roller Derby league. I love opening my eyes and heart to all different lifestyles and finding the good in it all. It may not always be something I want to join but it's always a fun time and a new adventure.