you know you're a M.O.M. when......'re willing to invite 50 kids and 10 other M.O.M.s over for breakfast every month, to make sure you start the month off right with some good eats and  adult conversation.
I think this is one of the hardest changes when becoming a M.O.M. You have always had friends, spouse and/or family around,  along with the ability to go wherever you want whenever and NOW you have little ones in tow. You don't even realize the importance of adult conversation until you start having conversations with your baby and you talk to and for the baby in order to get an answer you.

For my PEACE of mind it's worth it to me to open my house for an eventful breakfast with friends. We need conversation and to hear others view points on life. We need to learn from one another and feel loved by one another.
If you are not out socializing....DO IT! It's important, it feeds the soul. I've worked so hard with to teach the Rock how to socialize and accept others, and for him autism makes it that much harder but he's learning because it's important!

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