you know you're a M.O.M. when.....

.....tears happy or sad ones are more common than laughter.

I love to laugh and do often don't get me wrong, but being a M.O.M. is emotional. These pics were the last week of school and as excited I am for summer (sarcasm intended) it was tough to say goodbye to chapters in our life.
The first pic is of the LAST day Punky and Spunky will ever walk to school together. These girls are so much fun and full of character and have a good sister bond. Nervous for them to enter into separate schools. Ending, starting, changing, staying are too many emotions to hold in that they came trickling out that morning
The second pic is The Rock with the BEST teacher ever! We love her so much and are so glad that we get to have her again next year. My heart was so full of love for all the teachers that have made this school year the best we've ever had, that the love came pouring out my eyes.

So many emotions you've just got to let them all out, how do you let your emotions out?

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