15 Ways to Organize......

I love my shoe organizers and all the different ways they make my life more PEACEful with organization. Now my family and I can easily find items we often use. 
There are just a few examples under each area as an example.
Velcro can be attached to any/all sleeves to keep loose items inside.
Storage is simple and items can be easily packed in suitcases or storage in seconds. 

1) Jewelry/Accessories 
             bracelets, watches, belts 
2) Toiletries 
             nail supplies, contact cases, razors, cottonballs, sponges, Q-tips
3) First Aid
            thermometer, band-aids, ointments, bandages, cooling packs, 
4) Craft Supplies
            tacks, glue, ribbons, paint brushes, buttons, beads, thread
5) Office Supplies
             business cards, occasional cards, tape, pens, magnets, name tags
6) Pantry
             seasoning packets, jello, drink mix packages, 
7) Camping
             matches, heat packs, poncho, garbage sacks, hand wipes, soap 
8) Games
             face cards, puzzles, I Spy, dice, UNO, memory
9) Legos
             place instructions on the outside to show where pieces go
10) Hardware
            screws, nails, 3M's, wire, small tools, hooks, spare parts
11) Seasonal Items
            Summer - goggles, swim cap   Winter - mittens, scarfs, hats
12) Hair Supplies
           elastics, bows, barrettes, headbands, bobby pins, clips
13) Gifts
           I always store extra gifts just in case I need a gift on the go.
14) Countdown
           24 days till Christmas or any other holiday
15) Packing
make it easy for you and your children and store undies, outfits, shoes all together and when you arrive all you have to do is hang up your organizer.

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