NEW Summer Hobby

After 14yrs of marriage it's fun to see how well you know each other. I bought HeMan a paddle board for our Anniversary/Father's Day without talking to him about it. I really thought he would enjoy it, I was right!!! At first when he saw it he was hesitant but one second on the water and he loved it. We now have a new hobby we enjoy together. I love being out on the water, it gives my soul so much PEACE that being with my man is just an added bonus. Yes, I know it was his gift for both of us.


  1. No Way! That looks so much fun! What a great photo too!

  2. This is a great photo. I know right. After so long, same here.I know what works with my husband. You are such a good writer and i love how personal you are and your pictures are terrific. Thanks for being so good to me.