you know you're a M.O.M. when....

.....the feeling that you're failing won't leave you alone.

I don't know why this comes with motherhood, but it does. I say ENOUGH! :) (throwing my fist down on the table)

We don't need to feel this way! We are good, strong, loving women who are just trying to do our absolute best and by gone it (what my Nana says) that's ENOUGH! :) (I'm now convincing myself)
I mean what more than our best could we expect to do? I don't know a woman out there who isn't fighting a good fight for her family (whatever shape or size it is). As a M.O.M. to YOU this is me wrapping my arms around you (in my bathing suit, jk) and saying
and by gone it 
If found this card (picture) in one of my favorite sweet shops in town and loved the quote so much I had to have to share with others. I may not be next door to you or even a phone call away, but I am here to share my support and love and to be your clan, network, tribe and family. Thank you for you comments and support. We all NEED one to lift each other up and tell each other we're enough.

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  1. THANKS BABE! I needed that one! Love your guts!