Run! Family! Run!

A couple weeks ago our family was given the opportunity to run in a local race. It's not something we trained for, just a few miles. I figured we go show up and see what happens. At this race they throw different colored chalk on you through out the race and I really wasn't sure if the Rock was going to be able to handle it well. There were a ton (5000ish) people there with great music, great crowd, which causes a great disturbance for the Rock. It could have gone a number of different ways, but instead of getting mad he got clingy and THAT I don't mind. He wanted to be held and covered his ears. We stayed away from speakers and just waited to start.                                                                 Once we were out of the gates we were dancing along and then Taz said "I don't want to walk let's run!" So off went Heman, Taz and the Rock running. I stayed with Punky and a friend and chatted as we went along. The boys would run and then wait for us to catch up. When they threw color on you the Rock did ok, I never know what's going to be ok and what's not. We all had a great time as a family!
Memories were made, time was well spent, bodies were strengthened and our souls were nourished, I'd say that was QUALITY.

How do you spend your family time? Do you have traditions that feed your bodies and mind?

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  1. Um, HI...can you be any cuter of a mom or get a better family for cute pics like these?!