Owl always love you....

I know! I know! It's a fad, all these owls but I love them and I love that my sis bought me the wood (The Wood Connection) for the big one because she loves me. She bought them shortly before we found out she was moving away and now they keep her here with me in some sort of way saying to me "Owl always love you!"

5 easy Steps to Create your Own Owls:
1) sand wood edges 
2) trace owl shapes on backside of desired cardstock paper
3) paint entire owl, eye circles and beak your desired color and let dry
4) modge podge backside of paper and place on wood to dry
5) once all pieces are dry modge podge on top of paper and glue (E6000) eye pieces and beak into place and let dry.

I'm also in love with orange, yellow and aqua so those are the color of paint & paper I had to use to Modge Podge these beautiful owls. I love that the photo makes them all vintage looking. When I was a little girl  my Nana had pictures of owls and a stuffed owl in her house. I don't think it was a fad then, I think my Nana is a visionary.

I keep my owls up all year, but I love the fall season and you get to see more out and about.
I also love Megan @ Brassy Apple and her brilliant mind.


  1. So cute cob. I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up a pair when I was at wood connection last week!

  2. I can pick you up some today. Easy and fun!