My word for 2013 HAPPY

I have made the choice to acknowledge the things that make me happy on a daily basis this year. I hope that this will cultivate an attitude of happiness at all times.
The last two years I have been in a search for PEACE. By counting the small pieces of peace,  I have found that myself at peace with where I am, at any given moment even in times of great trial (for the most least better off than where I was).
For me PEACE had to come before I could choose to be HAPPY at all times, especially during great trials. I have hated the fact that happiness is a choice, but I must admit it is. I have a choice to dwell on the all that is difficult or on the goodness. I believe that happiness is simpler and less complicated than trials, nevertheless a choice that we must all make. So here's my challenge to you.......
(you can pin this pic and other Happy quotes that I've pinned on my Happy Board)
Join me this year and choose to be HAPPY, post a daily picture on Instagram of something that made you happy with the #happy2013. At the end of the year you'll have 365 pictures to remind you the rest of your life why you are HAPPY.
I look forward to seeing your pics. Make sure to tag me too @cobilynn.