31 days: Truth we all cast Judgement

I love this quote and one that Elder Uchtdorf quoted in an LDS General Conference last year
"Don't Judge Me Because I Sin Differently Than You"

The truth is we all cast Judgement. In many situations we need to in order to keep ourselves and children safe. We need to be able to judge between right and wrong, good and bad. However we also cast bad judgements on each other because we don't know where someone is in their journey of life or where they've been. 
We all know someone who starts mean lies and gossips endlessly, what we don't see is the pain and suffering going on inside that person that compels them to act so poorly. 
You might not know the person who that has a sleeve of tattoos, but I do and that person is the most kind, loving and giving person in the world and a tattoo does not define her. 
You may not know the person who smokes non stop, but I do and that person is fighting daily against the addiction of drugs and alcohol and if smoking is the only way to be sober then do it. 

Maybe take a minute to consider the past or future of the next person you are about to cast judgement on. I believe this world will be a better place if we all love one another more often.