31 days: Truth is It's up to you!

I saw this quote and wrote this 3 years ago.....
Creating yourself gives you the power to choose who you want to be. Finding yourself limits you to one ideal of a person you were before now. Life is ever changing therefore we are always creating ourselves to have the courage for the situations that come our way.
For me this just takes time. As I've been knocked around the rocks of life I've realized knowing who you want to be is the most important goal to have and then give it time. It's the little COURAGEOUS decisions we make everyday that create who we are. Little decisions like being kind, forgiveness, not gossiping, loving those that use us, teaching instead of getting mad.
Yep!!! My dad gave me a book a long time ago called "Added Upon". This book is all about a few lives that just never end with burdens placed upon them. Life can be that way, never ending and it just Kicks Your A$$. For me in that moment I just needed time to own all that was happening and as time went by I felt like I could stand back up, brush of the pain and keep fighting!
That's me, what do you think????

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