31 days: Truth is You can Defy Gravity

Or anything else that pulls you down. Look at this little boy fly over the ice. Seriously a miracle we captured that shot. This little boy, the Rock, Defies Gravity everyday wether it's by swinging on the tramp pole or saying a new word (yesterday it was the word "awesome").

I love the song "Defying Gravity" in Wicked, I mean who doesn't. The words "I'm Defying Gravity, and you won't bring me down!" are one of my favorite quotes. I feel like there are people and situations every day trying to take me away from what's really important and trying to keep me from reaching my full potential. I have to make little decisions everyday to not let those things "bring me down". There are just too many things trying to lift me up that I need to focus on and the the downers go!

If the Rock can Defy Gravity with the trials of autism stacked against him the least I can do is give him everything I can to lift him and others around me up. I believe that by lifting up and empowering each other we lift ourselves to our full potential.


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