what do you do?

I have very spirited children and if you haven't noticed children get bigger and mouthier. It doesn't matter how big they get the fear of what will happen when you're not there can be immobilizing. I am ALWAYS in a state of anxiety, especially with the Rock having autism and no fear with above average gross motor skills. So being in Australia SO far away was very difficult and I did a pretty good job not letting in consume me, (thanks to the help of my babysitting team), UNTIL you get that dreaded text......

The Rock was in the backyard playing when I (babysitter) noticed he was playing with a mouse in his hand. He was running around with it and flipping it (like autistic kids do). I realized it was dead, when he had blood on his shirt. I finally got it out of his hands and washed him up, threw the shirt away, anything else I should do?

Oh My Heck! My initial reaction was he's going to die (because my husband added to the story that my son put the mouse in his mouth). I then calmed down and handled the situation and all is well. We will always have the crazy mouse story to tell the Rock for the rest of his life.

What crazy autism and/or children stories do you have?

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  1. Oh Cobi! Wow! On of my favorite stories from T's youth, which clearly demonstrated how his thought process was different was at a "My Gym" session. All the kids were asked what was on their beds at night (i.e. the sheets). Some said trains, dolls, etc. My kid said, "I am." Everyone laughed, but he was so serious. He totally didn't get why everyone laughed. It was/is so him. So literal. Not as great a story as the mouse (YUCK). : )