Breathing Space Blogger Retreat

 I had the priviledge of working on Breathing Space Blogger Retreat, an amazing event for the past few months, thank you Aly Brooks for hiring me and to Dani Lassiter and Heidi Loewen for suggesting that I was the woman for the job. I am super duper proud of how things worked out. Courtney Carlson is due all the praise in the world for the incredible decor at every turn at this retreat. WOW!!! Is all you can say as you walked into every swanky dinner. Courtney is a visionary and I adore her. 

One of our sweet guests asked who the eye candy was serving our "Perfectini's" and the answer is our MEN! Sorry ladies they are taken for eternity! We are so grateful for such wonderfully supportive husbands. We love you dearly!
 Me and my Mister is our "perfect" outfits for the "perfect Stepford Wives dinner. So glad I could share this night with him. 
Brittany Egbert and I partying at the Cinco De Mayo festival. It was so great to meet so many wonderful women and sponsors. This is one of the highlights of the event. 
The other two highlights were special moments.....
1)singing happy birthday to the sweet boy who all he wanted was for someone to sing to him was precious. His mom and I crying over his new diagnosis of Aspberger's. 
2) Meeting Megan Falkner Brown, aka Sweet Tooth Fairy, was a moment I've waited for a long time since two and a half years ago the Rock said "more" for the first time because he wanted more of her cakebites at the shop. It was so wonderful to be able to thank her in person for "Baking a Difference" in our lives.
To see more photos from the fun event go here.

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  1. Cobi! I had no idea you knew my sister-in-law Lara Pratt! She asked me if I met you and of course I had! Congrats on an amazing event! You did an awesome job and you were the hardest working girl there! (I definitely noticed!) Thanks again for everything!