progress not measured

It's that time of year when we all go to Parent Teacher Conferences, Ugh!! This has never been fun for me. I work my a$% off every day as a mother and then I get measured by teachers. I know it's not about me, but when your child does not do well in school, it's about you. Not really but that's how I feel, anyone else? I just want the kids to go to school, do their best and come home and do something they are really good at, such as rock climbing, swimming, video games, running, singing, dancing, drawing and everything else. So here's the progress measured and not measured.......
Punky is starting middle school next year and has a hard time remembering just about everything. She is an amazing story teller, especially to us about how she did her homework and turned it in (but that all happens in fantasy land not reality). I believe she can be a renowned novelist or actress, she's that believable. She keeps getting asked to be on the competition team in rock climbing, but she doesn't want to, but she's really good.
Spunky had to change teachers and is enjoying school instead of crying every day because she thinks her teacher thinks she's stupid. She's able to do most of her homework on her own now, so we don't have fits every night cause "She CAN'T do it" yes CAN'T is a potty word in our house too, but so is shit and I still say that. Spunky keeps recording herself singing on her itouch and she is really awesome, I think!
Taz is in love with the cute girl that sits next to him. He has lots of friends, read ok and is going to do it all again next year so he's not as behind like the girls were. I finally have a teacher that supports my ideas and for that I'm SO grateful. Taz is so fun and I enjoy playing with him, he always wants to be doing something, yep he's mine.
The Rock, the Rock, the Rock I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave his conferences without crying. Like I said before I love talking about his miracles, what he does do: hugs, kisses, can now mimick "I love you", run, climb, sit through church, comprehends so much more than 6mo. ago. I know you need to know where you're at in order to move on, I don't want to live in denial, the hard cold facts are still hard, cold and painful. The Rock turned four and is still at an 15-18mo old speech delay
18-24mo old social delay
18-24mo old fine motor delay
36 mo old gross motor delay
I know all of this and so may you, but I just see my son day in and day out and just want him to know he's loved and I know he does. Its a balancing act between finding peace with where you are at and hoping for much more so I don't expect any less of him than he is capable of.
All of my children are AMAZING individuals and I just hope that my love is enough, because I can't do much more than just love them. Love is Enough!

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  1. Honey...I hear you. PTC are so hard. I have only had the pleasure of a handful so far, but each and everyone of them make me cry. I think I know what I am going into and then WHAM! They slap with you some shtuff you didn't know you were supposed to be doing and you feel miserable. I just keep focusing on the good. Leave the bad and ugly behind. You do an amazing job as a mom and you are such an AMAZING advocate for them. They couldn't ask for a better Mom!