Christmas Miracles

I know, I know it's been months since Christmas of 2011 and some of you are already planning Christmas of 2012 but I have to record what happend, if I can remember.
Top 10 Peace filled Christmas miracles.....
10) we made it through
9) we were able to host most of the events. I know for a lot of you that would not be a miracle but with the Rock and all of his sensory processing issues it means we were able to be present for all of the events and didn't have to leave early. Although it lead to me not cooking one meal in all of January '12.
8) not one of us gained any weight..........cause we were sick. Once Punky got sick I just stopped eating because listening to her throw up all night I was hoping that wouldn't happen to did. :P I didn't eat for a week cause I didn't want to throw up and then I didn't eat much cause I was sick and then I just didn't want to. yes, I am back to eating even though Heman told me not to, cause he liked the way I looked (JOKING of course ;0)
7)I was able to get everyone's gifts and Heman even went one night with me. It doesn't matter that I had him as my hostage on a date. He was helpful for A minute or two. That may have lead to why I didn't receive ANY gifts (not joking).
6)We were able to get cute pics of all of us and send them out! If you didn't get one it's cause I ran out and you were on the bottom of the list, haha, it means your name starts with N cause that's where I got in my address book.
5)Santa stopped by to remind us all what Christmas is really about and that he is only a symbol of our Savior. I love that my kiddos know the book I Believe by heart. It's perfect to keep everything in remembrance. The Rock hugged Santa all by himself and even said "HO, HO, HO! It was such a tender moment!
4)Punky and Spunky sang in church and it was very sweet. I love those girls!
3)All of our family and friends who share their love with us.
2)EVERYONE (including the Rock) opened their presents! The girls were so excited and Taz couldn't wait to put together is Lego's. For the last two years Christmas has been a bitter sweet for me. There is so much happiness and most of the time I am focused on all of the Rock's progress but sometimes it's thrown in your face that your child has autism and he's not like the other children and man that hurts. The last few years the Rock has not understood what presents are or that they can be fun, instead he would just run away from the crowd of people and NOT join in the festivities. It's like a part of your heart is absent when your child won't participate or interact with you, it hurts! BUT this year we had Christmas at our house and we've learned a few tricks and even the Rock stuck around for most of it and even opened one or two gifts. It was a miracle!
1)We were all together, it's been a rough couple of years and this last one we barely made through with our family intact. There was PEACE in our home and that is a Christmas miracle.

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