Oh My Goodness.......

we made it through '11. A little bruised. Did I let out a huge sigh when the ball dropped and it's a new year. So I had to have a new project and that's how the Hunger Games for Autism event came to life.
I was out and about the whole month getting sponsors and working on this event and found so much happiness and my soul filled with life. At the end of the month I realized that this event is one I've been waiting for my whole life. Last year as I was thinking about my legend, purpose, mission that I am meant to do, I've now found. Funny though, I found it as a senior in high school with my BFF Sarah Booth as we put on a Charity Fundraiser. Life goes full circle and I just needed to give it that time to come. It's here and I've loved all of it. Dang it, I'm good at it! I love events and I love projects with my sistas!
I love doing something about/for Autism. Unless you live with it, it doesn't effect you and it needs to. We all need help and this is an epidemic all over the world! I always thought I needed to go to a different country to help the needy, NOPE it's right here in my own home that need help.

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  1. Words just don't express how much I enjoy what I get to do with you!! Thanks for being my big sister!