French Toast & PEACE

Can eating french toast be considered a miracle? I think so! Sunday morning I fixed french toast for the fam. I arranged it all on the table with a big pile of french toast in the middle. As everyone gathered around the table the Rock came too (miracle #1 following the family and sitting at the table with us, to eat no less). The Rock then grabs a piece of french toast (miracle #2 98% of the time bread is not apart of his diet). HE EATS IT!!! (miracle #3 with all the textile issues he has he rarely eats something even if he's touched it). It's amazing how watching a little boy take small bites of french toast can fill your soul with delight. I do admit it was pretty amazing french toast, but I don't think I had anything to do with these miracles. I thank my God daily (and that's not enough) for the progress of my children and the tender mercies that are poured upon me. PEACE


  1. I love your blog and am totally celebrating your small, but very significant miracles with you! That must be some divine french toast! : )

  2. I have tasted your french toast and it is a MIRACLE! I am so excited that he has had so much progress! It is amazing to watch him grow. I love you and these little miracles that you have just make me appreciate the little things I take for granted. Thanks for helping me to realize all the blessings I have.

    Hope that doesn't sound rude, I don't mean it that way.

  3. Great food can solve almost any problem. It makes us feel warm and secure. And when it's made for us by those we deeply love that love is now tangible - not just a feeling!

    Love you - and your French Toast!