Deep Thoughts by SheRA

So........ A year ago I was give some inspiration as I felt like I was drounding in the chaos of life. Now the same inspiration has come back to me with different circumstances and slightly different meaning. This inspiration is something I hold dear and want to share with you to see if it can change any one else perspective like it did mine. (now that I've built up the not needed suspense, drum roll) WHAT IF WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH ISN'T HAPPENING TO HURT YOU, IT'S FOR SOMEONE ELSE? There are things that we go through in life not due to consequences or choices or someone elses bad decisions. Some things are just handed to us. I've spent some time being upset with the one that handed them to me, trying to figure out why I am the one with these things, because I don't feel like the right person. I've wondered, "Why so many things at the same time, one alone would be plenty". And then when I think about the thought that maybe these things aren't being handed to me, they are for me to help another, I am then the one in control of who I am and what I can handle. I can be a HERO for someone else. Considering the way I've handled things so far, If God gave grades I think I'm getting a D-. That just means there's room for improvement right? I don't even think it's a coppout when I say I really am doing my best. With that said I'm glad I have an example of how to move forward and improve. I thought about my Savior and how I'm sure from a young age he could have asked himself "Why is this being handed to me?" Fortunately he already had the understanding that what he was going through wasn't being done to him, it was being done for us, for me and for you. There may be some of you who are saying how could this be good for someone else? I don't know, but I know God has a much bigger plan than any of us can see and we have a choice to keep moving forward with what we've been handed and be someones HERO. A hero just because you are you. You are who they need. You never know who is watching and learning from YOU! Does this change your perspective??????(please no comments on how I'm doing)


  1. A few years ago I was inspired with the thought that at some point, before we came to earth, we sat down with Heavenly Father and He showed us a list of trials and asked, "are you willing to go through with this?" and then we said "yes" and signed the contract. That made Him obligated to give us the trials and us obligated to go through with them. It's a visual, concrete idea that helps me get through rough times because 1)it keeps me from blaming Heavenly Father (I am sure it kills Him sometimes to have to give us the hard things but I don't think He would ever go back on His promises to us in the "contract". And 2) it makes me feel strong, because at some point I knew I could do it, I agreed and my spirit knows that.

    I love that perspective on trials, it doesn't mean I've had it easy or always been real faithful but it does help.

    And I think you are amazing. If God would have asked me if I thought you would be able to handle all you're going through I would have said "yes" because you're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You're a fighter and resilient and you may downplay all that you're doing but I think you deserve a gold medal for outstanding performance! I love you!!!

  2. Heidi I such a GREAT friend. She took the words right from me. You amaze me each day with your strength and resilience. You are so giving and kind. I love you!

  3. Opportunities for service comes in many unseen ways. You are a great influence in the world. The day will come when you will see the effects of the good you are doing.