For all of you out there who have seen me or will see me at the pool, NO the Rock IS NOT DROWNING!!! I AM watching him and he is having the time of his life. I promise to post a video with him swimming because it's incredible. I know it may look scary but it's not. It is difficult for him to have me so close all the time so I give him some space here and there. I also make him work by getting him to talk to me by asking for "more" when I throw him in the pool or have him count "1,2,3" and jump in off the side. The fact that I can get him to talk to me in the pool with so much going on is huge. Sometimes I can get him to LOOK and talk to me but not always so this is what I'm trying hard to work on. BUT he can't work all the time so I MUST give him a break and back off for a minute. The Rock is SO incredibly happy in the pool it's amazing. He is almost 21/2 and with a life jacket can so freestyle and breaststroke, which of course is all self taught because it's not like he would follow any instruction even if I tried. He can hold his breath longer than Taz and knows that when he needs a breath or a rest to roll onto his back and float. It's amazing his instincts to do this. Punky was the same way at the same age only difference is that although she had many instinctual qualities she still also learned by following our directions. So if you happen to see us in the pool you are witness to something amazing and wonderful. I consider myself lucky to be apart of it and hope that you do to. ***I do realize accidents happen everyday and know one is exempt from them. I appreciate your concern on our behalf and thank you for watching out for my little ones.

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