This is the Rock's new found motivation, Ms. Gamee. We started working with Gamee to teach the Rock how to walk and stay with me, instead of running away ALL the time. After just one lesson (which I wasn't sure was successful) the Rock knew what to do with Gamee. Kate Andersen, Gamee's mom and founder of Autism Journeys, was walking ahead of the Rock with Gamee and the Rock started reaching and whimpering for Gamee. This action is outstanding for the Rock. He has just recently started to ask seldom for food or drink, so for him to ask for Gamee after just one time I was shocked. I am optimistic that Ms. Gamee can pull more out of my angel and can't wait to be there to witness the next miracle and milestone! To find out more about Ms. Gamee, canine therapist, or Autism Journeys checkout their website or the blog We love this place and people who bless our lives every day.


  1. Hooray for help & miracles!!!! Love you!!!!

  2. Cobilynn you have such a beautiful family and what an incredible mother you are!Linds