FaMilY TrIp

We were all excited to go to the beach for the first time in a year. We have all missed it so much!!! On top of that we went with the whole family (missing the Kinsmans :( . We all had a great time at the pool, happy hour, and our daily enormous breakfast (these were the favs). We enjoyed a nice bike ride, until a tire popped luckily close to home. A good old fashion pirate treasure hunt was a highlight with kite flying on the side. AND of course what's a family trip without a little not any fights (other than the usual banter between Heman and Grammy) just a small panic when Taz went jumping into the pool after his sisters, while forgetting he wasn't wearing his life jacket. Taz paddled as hard as he could until a good Samaritan jumped in and saved our sweet Taz. These are some of the captured moments I got, Kel and Sade got more.

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  1. So wonderful to get caught up on your family. Glad that the trip went well. You do a great job posting photos. Thank you for sharing. You're a very conscientious parent along with being warm and loving. Your children are blessed to call you Mother.