autism & trips

Every time I leave the house and go somewhere out of the norm I am always shocked by how comfortable I am at home and how anxious I am everywhere else. SO a trip is far above the occasional visit other than home. A trip with the Rock brings a whole new meaning to anxious and yet I get comfortable in my routine and think "Sure! We can go on a trip, it will be good to do something new." This statement is true, HOWEVER it doesn't make anything easier. I realize life can always be harder and I am extremely blessed for everything I have. A trip for the Rock is way more difficult for him than me, he just can't explain that it's difficult. If the Rock had had a choice he would have stayed inside the hotel room the entire time playing with the fabulous toys the Johnson's brought or swimming in the pool (but even that got too cold after awhile). The torture of having to eat or stay with us at all times or be with so many people all the time was a lot to take in. I think all in all we did OK....except when it came to sleep. Only one out of the four nights did the Rock sleep. This is so NOT normal that this was the wake-up call that life was way difficult for him. Once we were home it took us a week to get back to normal sleeping patterns, no tantrums(head banging) over everything, playing with us again and eating something was a huge accomplishment by the end of the week home. I think everyone has to adjust to changes, but for the Rock it's just a little bit harder and I don't know what he wants or needs. This I hate and can't wait for the day he can tell me. No this does not mean that I'm not going to go on a trip again, it just means I am aware and will do my best every time to make it the best experience for everyone.

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