the real life for aunt kelli, by punky

punky keeps taking pictures and when asked what she is doing she says "Aunt Kelli told me to take pictures for her" here are some of her random shots of the house to share with all of you. i'm sure will get a real feel for the house.
everyone seems to be doing well. we all are trying desperately to not miss Heman but it's a little hard. i always said it would be the worst thing if he went to an office and now look at us. we all run when he comes home and even he noticed on sunday after being with us for a few days straight we are all a little more happy when he's there. the rock is growing faster and faster it seems. probably out of need so he can soon run from taz. it makes me sad to see him grow, so therefore i am trying harder than ever to ENJOYING THE JOURNEY, NOW!!!!


  1. Look we can see you guys. Hi from L & Trixi

  2. THANKS Bels! So glad you have been taking pics for me! I can't wait to see your house in person. We'll be saving our pennies :)