The Trip Eastward

Largest Aquarium in the World, Atlanta, GA Stop #5 we had so much fun seeing everything. we were all excited about the fish but also about moving for two hours. there is so much to see. janae you and eric really need to see this one.
last stop till we get to home i just erased the carthage picture and I don't want to do it over but that was stop #4
kids making a rope in the family living center in Navoo
Heman and Taz pretending to be blacksmith's
cut man couldn't stop laughing as he watched Taz run in circles literally (it was hysterical NOT!! Brig was not laughing as Isaac picked up the huge hammer and the man says don't worry brother he can't hurt anything. Just himself is what we were worried about.)
this was amazing! i can't believe this is the actual temple. it was so incredible. i'm glad we did this. we all had a lot of fun even if it was wet and cold. stop #3
winter quarters was very touching. the visitor center is beautiful. the cemetery is humbling. we wish it hadn't been raining so we could enjoy it more. Dixie if you haven't been to this one you need to go. stop #2
Stop #1 Galbraith's we were so glad we could stop in and see these guys before we headed east. i feel bad they we didn't go out more. they really aren't that far from where we lived. so those of you still there GO VISIT THE GALBRAITH'S NOW!!!! it's not that far even for a long weekend.

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