Happy Halloween

punky, taz, spunky, the rock out went the lights and OOOOOOO went the wind and four little pumpkins rolled out of sight
Punky is the mastermind behind this Halloween. She talked all of us into being vampires and then dressed everyone of us. She did an amazing job I thought. Heman took some convincing but he came through for a few minutes.
the kids can pull off anything. i'm not sure where they learned how vampires act but they sure were awesome. they get in the outfits and were in character. they are so fun to be a with. i'm glad i'm there mom and get to play with them everyday all day.
the ghost! i couldn't get him to do face and costume at the same time but i'm sure you can imagine. he would only do it because luke the duke was a ghost too.
da vomen vant to suck your blood the women went to the church trunk or treat no recognized us and we had a lot of fun


  1. Great costumes! You guys look awesome!!

  2. I Love It! Bella did a great job, you all look so great! We really did miss you guys this Halloween! Glad you had a good time.

  3. love love love the vampires!!

  4. Bela - GREAT SUGGESTION! You guys all look great!!! Hope you got lots of candy! I will give any of you $5 if you throw it in the garbage! Aunt Sadie did it when she was your age!