NaNaNaNaNaNa (Sorry)

really who doesn't look like this after staying up late on Halloween and the next day going to the beach. Yep you heard me Nov. 1st we went to the beach. I know to many in the world this is no big deal, but coming from the west with 9mo of snowy winter this is amazing.
we all had a great time. this beach is incredible and i can't wait to take you all there. HURRY!!!
of course taz showed the rock how fun the sand is, even in your hair
managing four at the beach is a little tricky but fortunately on this side of the ocean there aren't big waves to knock anyone but taz over.
this ones for all of taz's fanz who love his run, really who doesn't love it!!!


  1. That is seriously not fair... we are freezing over here!!!

  2. Yeah, I think we're a little jealous too. Although we do still get to wear shorts here, there's not beach in sight . . .