Joy and Peace come together

This amazing M.O.M., Rachel Marie Martin, from Finding Joy, puts into beautiful words exactly what I was thinking just the other day in my search to find Peace from the Pieces of my life. So grab a cup of hot chocolate or walk into Starbucks (like Rachel says) and pull up a chair and read these beautiful words.

With my husband traveling more often then I would like (but I'm so grateful he has a job that provides for our family) I find myself more tired and feeling like I'm missing the boat in the M.O.M. department in so many ways.

After reading Rachel's words I thought about what would make me feel better about what we are really missing. I've decided I need to make dinner, NO Matter What. I don't want to cook when my husbands not home, but I think I will feel better as a M.O.M. if I make at least/most 3 meals a week. I only need 3, because we always have left overs and I'll give myself and my kids the option one night to have whatever kid food they want.

I'm sticking with the advice I was given 12yrs ago.....
"If you're a good M.O.M. 60% of the time, YOU'RE a GOOD M.O.M."


  1. Thank you! This was beautiful. Thank you for finding it for me. Love you.

  2. It's like you posted this just for me! Thank you. I needed to be reminded. : )